Slug Smash!

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Smash up the slugs and dodge the explosive meteors! A simplistic arcade stress reliever/smash em up! I learnt a lot of actionscript from making this game, so my next one will be an improvement. If you finish the game you'll get a rank! Please leave a reveiw and thanks for playing.

- smashing the slugs dead bodies gets you points
- smashing their graves gets you points too
- the dinosaur kills DO add to your score
- staying in the centre is a sure way to get trapped in..


Pretty good.

I dunno, after the 3rd level gets boring.. =/

Graphically it was excellent, but gameplay...

Graphically it was excellent, but gameplay was lacking in this one. I just didn't think it was that good of a game. To explain it, you're a dude who goes around smashing things that randomly waltz or pop up on the screen, and you die in one hit. So, it gets very boring, very fast.

But I also want to emphasize that I feel the graphics of the game were a saving grace. Very fluid, solid, and consistently, the combination of aesthetics and graceful animation made this into a Flash experience that was still worth the download, and impressive to the eye.

I think it's one of those games that really needs to be expanded, as to break out of its monotony and really pioneer new turf for gamers.

A 2 out of 5.


I got cornered way too quickly, you should add a jump or give us lives...slug to the left and right and then meteor above you, I couldn't get away in time and it's frustrating to have to restart.

HNMMMM ok but-

it seemm as if all the sounds and music have been taken from another game. a game of which i cannot be bothered to find the name for.
the one where you controll the cannon and kill the stickmen with your laser cannon.

i thought it would be better

you guys made the ultimate showdown so now when i thought there was going to be a great game from you guys you let me down
try again

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2006
6:57 PM EDT
Action - Other