Slug Smash!

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Smash up the slugs and dodge the explosive meteors! A simplistic arcade stress reliever/smash em up! I learnt a lot of actionscript from making this game, so my next one will be an improvement. If you finish the game you'll get a rank! Please leave a reveiw and thanks for playing.

- smashing the slugs dead bodies gets you points
- smashing their graves gets you points too
- the dinosaur kills DO add to your score
- staying in the centre is a sure way to get trapped in..



A pretty good game fun smashing things when there dead but gets repetitive all in a ll its pretty good

to this fag down here

quote>All you do is smash things and avoid meteors, wow that sounds fun oh yeah sure it does.....TO A CAVEMAN!!!!!!! Do not play this unless your I.Q. is below 55. Apparently the guy below me does<

Its also fun to play some shoot-no-brains games (like serious sam etc...). My iq is 112 and i like this game. Althoug after a few minutes it gets boring

not bad

pretty simple and basic but overall not a bad game

Simple, but entertaining.

I really like the sketchy design of the purple player and the slugs, but my one beef with this game is that you should get more then one life.

Fun at first, but gets frustrating

Nice game, but you must give us more than one life. All it does is frustrate the player, and nobody finds this "challenging". If you gave us a save point at the end of a level, or gave us three lives for the entire game, or even a sheild item or something, it would be much more fun.

As it is, it's fun until you get hit once. Then you have to start all over again.

Greg-Anims responds:

yeah youre right. Mistake on my part in terms of game design. but hey..im still learning!

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2006
6:57 PM EDT
Action - Other