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Slug Smash!

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Smash up the slugs and dodge the explosive meteors! A simplistic arcade stress reliever/smash em up! I learnt a lot of actionscript from making this game, so my next one will be an improvement. If you finish the game you'll get a rank! Please leave a reveiw and thanks for playing.

- smashing the slugs dead bodies gets you points
- smashing their graves gets you points too
- the dinosaur kills DO add to your score
- staying in the centre is a sure way to get trapped in..


((VOTED 3))

This game could have been really good. You practically just decided to make it average. You made him die in one shot which is stupid in itself. Also since you would die so quickly you lacked a simple replay button. Just a replay buutton and it would have been so much better. But the game did have great aniamtion and nice cartoony graphics so it wasnt all bad.

good job

great game it is reaily good simple but good

lol short but sweet...

lol smash them once to get dead body,smash them twice to get body fluid and smash them once and wait,they become a tombstone and...........well u smash the tombstone lol...

Nicely Done

I really liked this game man. Nice and simple and really addictive.

Cool original graphics and a decent sounds. I look forward to your future games.


HNMMMM ok but-

it seemm as if all the sounds and music have been taken from another game. a game of which i cannot be bothered to find the name for.
the one where you controll the cannon and kill the stickmen with your laser cannon.

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2006
6:57 PM EDT
Action - Other