Eskimo Jeb (Parody)

September 27, 2001 –
May 21, 2012
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Author Comments

Nothing personal against Eskimo Bob, that cartoon is awesome...just making a little joke :)


I got to say the plot had me laughing my ass off but the voice acting was terrible and quite annoying but still the parody itself was quite funny.

i give it a six cuz its perverted but,funny.

ginal but the used condom and walrus idea is a bit crap

FUNNY :DDDDD i say as Crasy8Animations did "Nothing personal against Eskimo Bob, that cartoon is awesome"

oh k you know what ?!? SCREW YOU

pretty stupid parody looks like it have ben made in a lunch break at school...

LOL ,,,, that was Good,,, but it could of been beter,,, How ?,,,, u tell me,,

1. Graphics - this is just fine
2. Sound - Wierd and funny voices.
3. Style - Characters wearing alternative colors.
4. Interactivity - No preloader
5. No violence in this movie
6. Humor - 10 out of 10
7. Overall - 8 out of 10 (Pretty Good)

The graphics were ok. The style was excellent. (E.B. style is awesome, wiggity wiggity woo) The sound.....ouch, man. Ouch. The real Eskimo Bob sounds weren't great at first, but they probably had a bit more effort than you did in that department. The humor at the end was pretty funny. But I'm not gonna spoil it, cuz it only takes a second to load and 30 to watch. Still, I reccomend this one over the parody Eskiblow Job any day. 7 out of ten for you.

If I could put the scores to what I want it would look like this:

Graphics: 10 (You were true to the Eskimo Bob style)

Style: 13 (That was a pretty good way to parodize E.B.)

Sound: 5,000,000 (The voices were absolutely the funniest sounds
I have ever heard on a flash)

And so on and so forth...

"Fair is foul and foul is fair."


dude... that made no sense... =S

but the walrus sound made me laugh

escimo bob was a dull serirs to me

alright....im a fan of E.B so i was quite annoyed about this parody but it turned out pretty good

Appaling cos ou ripped off two
geniuses idea!

pretty funny i guess but the original is better

I don't know what violence that last reviewer was talking about...

Anyway, pretty funny spoof. It's always interesting seeing Bo get nasty, lol.

"I found a used condom! Let's go use it!"

And that music from when he was humping the walrus, nice touch. Very funny.

When the walrus pushed maxwell and jeb, I almost cried because they were in so much pain.

rather strange, but funny parody of eskimo bob. although, why did u call him eskimo jeb? either way, this was pretty cool.

look there is a diferance between plan sick like the guy that made that dick sketch...and u made a used condom....sketch..and..hmmmm.....(well isent that a coincidice)well anyway this was funny and sick the way i like it

Man this animation sucks my balls
i think you were just a LITTLE drunk...

unfortunately it lacked everything else. your voice is quite annoying by the way. i know somebody in one of my classes who sounds like you. he has a sick mind like you too. holy shit! got to say though, the part with the walrus kicked ass! the walrus r0x0rz!1

hey what happened to the other one million and forty two!?............

Ow, you made laugh so hard I actually hurt my stomach.

that cartoon was really retarded but so funny, especially the used condom part...though that WAS pretty disturbing...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................yeah thats disturbing..............but hella FUNNY

that was weird....................but funny at the same time.
good work

a used condom hahahahahah
eeh funny shit

Damn those BASTARDS!! They raped walrus!! nuuuu!!!
but it funny nun the less.

Pure crap. Point blank and simple. If you wanted to make a parody such as this one. You should of put a little bit more work into it. Cuz it looks like it was slapped together eith the crazy glue you just sniffed.

You damned loser, you went and made stupid potty humor on EB! HE OWNZ YOUR ASS, MO-FO! I'm gonna kill you, you damned fugga!

if you touch anything good again and soil it with your fukin potty humor... EB was great and you just had to fuk it up!

Okay, that's messed up. Screwing a walrus...

And who the fuck did those retarded voices?

You took a great series, messed with it, and it sucks, thats just gross, that to a walrus.

I love eskimo bob but this was funny as hell!! you should get this stiff into its own series!!

That was very disturbing....

Sorry, that's just nasty...

well EB is such good stuff, this cartoon may be funny, but its just tasteless, sorry thats just my review...


that was sick but it made me chukle

dude.. that was random.. but it was still kinda funny.. in a sick perverted way =P
Eskimo Bob is betta but this was ok

dude sometimg is totely fucked up wit your brain-or-your just a plain out faggot

fuck u u faggot



-One Sentence-

As soon as I saw what Maxwell was holding I exited out.


LOL!! THAT SINGLE HANDEDLY WAS BETTER THAN ALMOST EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER, Except Eskimo Bob, Now thats the Shtuph. But, I really enjoyed it, it was funny. I like Eskimo Jeb and think you should make a website for it like http://www.Eskimobob.com That'ed be cool, but n e wayz gooj job :)

o man thats the most disgusting thing iv eva seen on NewGrounds parodies... and the voicing is absolutly shit! but the grafics r gud, altho u did get that from the Eskimo Bob series neway so i award 1 measly point of humor 4 ur disturbing and disconcerting little production. never...do...it...again...


God I could not stop laugh and Jeb haveing sex with a walrus!! G-d that was so funnie!!!

That was pretty Lame, and also Extremly annoying.

I like it but I like Eskimo Bob better. :)

That was pretty funny. I like it, a little short though. Sound was okay, good timing on the music, and the condom was just plain sick. That is everything a good movie intails; music, sound, and pervertidness (is that a word). Anyways, that ruled, but the link to your site doesnt work. Make a freakin site or something. :-)

a good parody indeed!! :PP

That was messed up man. I like it!!!

Put the wrong image in my head now =P

Jeb is funny. But Bob is better.
The funny voices are probably what makes it so funny (especially the walrus).
I hope Jeb is featured in an upcoming Bob or another Eskimo Jeb is made because these really are rather funny and even more stupid than Bob.

You are seriously messed up... I'm afraid to say it, but it was kinda funny...

roflmao so fucking funny.... major props... I love this movie..

that was so funny!!!!

thats discusting

it was alright, the voice could of been better though....

Not too bad, although the dirty humor kind of detracts from the quirky fun of EB. Also I don't approve of the author using palette-swapped EB animations; if you're going to do a parody, at least have the decency to animate your own. Stealing is the coward's way out.

that was pretty funny. it lacked somethng though. i just cant put my finger on it.

But that was so well done! Kinda pointless, just like Eskimo Bob, but well copied. Make another one or two of these, with better voices. ESKIMO BOB 26 RULES!

It's about time someone made an Eskimo Bob parody. Good job, sound was good. It had the Eskimo Bob feel to it. The walrus getting it by Bob with the used condom is halarious. All around good movie for a laugh.



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