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Here's a tutorial in which you'll learn how to create a scrolling terrain from bird's eye view with limits, walls, and objects your character won't go through. It might be a little too complicated but it works. Be sure to set your framerate to 30 fps.


Good work

Overall not a bad tut. I already understood the concept of moving objects with a keypress, and moving the background instead of the character isn't a bad way to go at all. Something a lot of newb animators should know.

It isn't working right!

I wouldn't base my game on this tutorial. The scrolling scene part is working dandy, but the collision check is crap! As anyone can see, you can actually enter the walls from any corner of the room and you can keep walking inside the wall tile until you get completely off the stage (although the scrolling still works).

I think you should fix the collision check so the character would be a rectangle not rotating. You can follow the corners more easy that way.

rdg10 responds:

So you didn't like a small detail and you put 1 in graphics and sound and 0 in style huh?

Nice work

You make good nice tutorials.

I am God

I am God. in this game for the least... there is a bug in your script.
If you walk up or down and at the same tim to left or right you will slowly walk through the wall.

But for the rest its a good TUT...

Keep it up.

rdg10 responds:

lol thanks.

make a game

you made all of these good tutorial why not make a game???

rdg10 responds:

Thanks, actually I am wworking in one very large RPG. Making these tutorials is like a vacation from all the hard work lol. I'll be submitting it in a month or so.

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Aug 13, 2006
8:20 PM EDT
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