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Here's a tutorial in which you'll learn how to create a scrolling terrain from bird's eye view with limits, walls, and objects your character won't go through. It might be a little too complicated but it works. Be sure to set your framerate to 30 fps.


Syntax error

a helpful tutorial however when i enter the a.s for the walls and boundaries, it tells me that there is a syntax error please can you help with this problem please

rdg10 responds:

Well you're just doing it wrong, try and repeat the coding.


it hard to understand... i try and i try but that not working ! And when i want to try it it always say that there error of synthaxe... it say that to every action i give to each wall of my game ! im not really good in action script... but i do everything in this tutorial and it not working ! someone know why ?

rdg10 responds:

Well you're doing something wrong because this works, it has worked to everyone. The only thing is that damn bug everyone keeps telling me about.


another job well done rdg! Keep em coming buddy :)


I have made this script before on my computer, but apparently your version actually allows you to go through the corner walls, if you move in a diagonal direction, sorry to burst your bubble but that wouldn't make a very good game.

It's a glitch, all games have them, try fixing it then reposting the tutorial, I played the "Final Product" and moved up right at the up right corner, and my character slowly made his way through your walls.

Like the way the tutorial was presented, but...

Unfortunately, the methods you're using to test collision with objects and walls isn't generic enough. For instance, every movie you create as an object or wall has to have code placed on it... which is tedious, let alone thinking of what a bunch of walls and a bunch of objects, all with "onClipEvent(enterframe)" actions running simultaneously per frame, will be doing to someone's processor, and therefore the speed of your game. The hitTest() function itself is, quite unfortunately, slow enough to warrant not using it for events that are going to occur frequently in your game. I know you said this is the best you could come up with... and it isn't terrible by any means. It is still quite inventive. Just let me know if you want me to send you something I would consider a much more practical approach/method to solving the problem. One that allows you to sit back and define objects in your game that the engine automatically understands should register collisions... no per-object coding required.

rdg10 responds:

Please send me your method.

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Aug 13, 2006
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