Characters in the Grocery

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This is the sequel to "Characters on the Stool", my first submission. It improves upon the first while keeping the same style and format.

The music is "Eriatarka" from the String Quartet Tribute to the Mars Volta.

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Dude, that was one of the funniest flash movies ever made! I loved it! Especially Omar!!!!!!!!! and eriatarka is a good one. BUT OMAR!!! your style is fantastic and the idea is great. clerks style ftw.

ottensj responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you recognized Omar. (One viewer thought it was Jimi Hendrix!?!?!) The riff is from Scabdates if you didn't already know.


Only ONE WEEK? man, you realy ought to be proud of yourself, this is realy funny, the graphics are awesome, the characters are original (most of them =P PATRICK ROCKS!) and dude, when the flash is this great, who cares about a background? it makes your style even more unique, the props were great aswell. Overall: AWESOME!

ottensj responds:

I really appreciate the comments. As someone who is new to Flash it is nice to have the support. My style of humor doesn't translate to everyone, but I like it, and my taste is obviously not that crazy. Good luck with your projects!


sound was awesome, needs a background though, The people looked pretty good, could use a tiny bit of work though. Other then that, it was pretty good.

ottensj responds:

I've only used Flash for one week, and Newgrounds for less than that. And I'm finding out that backgrounds are more important than I thought. With the "Characters" series I will probably keep the white style, but with other projects I will definitely take your advice. Thank you for the feedback.

Johnys awesome review

I thought this was pretty well done, music went to it nicely, the voices were cool. Animation was awesome. Plus im always seeing genies, hendrix, patrick, grey things with itchy legs, old women and mathamaticians down my local Asda so i can really relate to it

ottensj responds:

Glad you liked it. And thanks for the interactivity points. Did you find the button on the guitar?

You've really improved.

It makes me happy to see how fast you learned Flash and the improvement from your first. It was fun watching you work on these this past week, and I hope you will want to keep working on these, even after grad school starts up.

For someone who never had any great interest in drawing before, this is a huge accomplishment.

Anyway, enough with the butt-kissing.

Even though I know the reviewers are commenting on the lack of backgrounds and you say it is the style of the cartoon, I think that would be something to work on if you ever make another animation.
Keep improving on your fbf animation as well.

I liked the Omar moment of rocking out, and the Shemp poo joke was delivered a lot better than the first time you thought it up, and laughed at yourself for like 15 minutes while we all stared at you.

Good Job. I'll take my computer back now.

ottensj responds:

As a bit of trivia, the animated Omar is playing to "Cicatriz ESP" from the live Mars Volta album SCABDATES.

Thanks, brother. I've had fun learning Flash and I can see why people enjoy animating on that program so much. I still don't consider myself an artist, but I think it could have been alot worse.

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Aug 13, 2006
12:44 PM EDT
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