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Hello and Welcome to the " The (=SK=) Sound Board " Is your basic sound board which has 3 Easter Eggs and Things that Gamers Would say in a selection of Games ( Tribes , Counter Strike , BF 2 , Silk Road ECT; ) or just Random Gargle - I have Also Put a Song Inside PLAY and STOP ( as you know ) Controll The Music - Thanks To Everyone Who Likes This Movie if you Think This is a Pathetic Attempt For a Sound Board Dont Vote At all ~

Thanks X-x-X Chickenpotpie

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its pretty bad no body actually knows about the sk

well its kinda bad.....

maybe if you got other people as well to say some of the things it would be a little bit more better. but i have to say the sound quality is great i gave you a ten for that.


I just came across this in a search... and I really want to know... what gives you the idea that people would be interested in a kid's idea of what people say on their pc games? All you did is record yourself saying things that really don't show any intelligence at all... your responses to all of the other comments to this proves that this flash really has nothing to offer because all you did was insult the people who wrote them.


Well, this isn't a very good soundboard at all, sorry. The sound quality wasn't bad, but, for some reason, some of the voices had a Biritish accent, and some didn't. The 4 'easter eggs' were rpetty crappy, too, sorry. You can do a lot better than this.


treys-drakken responds:

thats because i am british/american YOU FUCKING PRICK!


Sorry mate, but who the fuck would want a soundboard of what sounds like a 12 year old on coffee?

treys-drakken responds:

Sorry Prick, but who the fuck would want to fuck your asshole when your a 78 year old pervert trying to get fish to give you head ! , have a nice day :D

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Aug 13, 2006
11:07 AM EDT
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