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In the year 2105, the world is in a desolate state. A madman has recently come to power in the US, and has allowed for anyone to sell their babies into the military for ten thousand dollars.

-Finally, after a year and a half of writing (And practice in Flash xD) I bring you a brand new series. The second episode has a lot more action than this one (;


Not bad

The story is good and the graphics show massive effort on the backgrounds and the people.

With objects like the baby seat, it's good to look at the parts of the object and figure out it's function. Like the straps that held the baby to the seat disappeared off into the plastic of the seat. They usually go through a hole or something. Just small details in objects (especially since the carseat was the focus of that scene) would help.

Other than that your movie's pretty decent. The introductory was a bit short, but as the viewer, I got the gist of what was going on.

Good luck with your next chapter~

Bubbowrap responds:


Yeah, that definitely could've been better. I'll be sure to pay more attention to these things in the future.

--Then my job is done (; I don't want the viewers to be able to predict what's going to happen xD

sounds like a movie

this kind of sounds like a good script almost movie like i would say cant wait for more of them this looks like it has lots of potential.

Bubbowrap responds:

Thanks, if you like it so far, it's gonna be mindblowing when it's finished. :D


That was great, the eyes of some didn't really match there face which distracted me, it was kinda funny. I was disappointed there was no violence, I wanted to see some ass kicking. This movie has great potential, I'll be looking out the the next chapter.

Bubbowrap responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean. You'll notice a few changes in the characters over time, as I'm trying to find my own style.

As for the violence, don't worry. You'll get some in the next chapter (;

First one?

If this is you're first flash you are a god =[)

Bubbowrap responds:

I'm afraid it's not my first ^_^; Not even close. It's my first GOOD submission to Newgrounds, and probably longest movie to date.

I love this!!! More Please!!!

You've got to continue with this series.

Bubbowrap responds:

Thanks! Please believe that I'm already working on Part 2. If you loved this, your head will explode in the next one.

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Aug 12, 2006
9:33 PM EDT