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Carpe Diem

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In this movie God is dead.

This flash is ment to make people question there religion and/or faith. It is not ment to piss people off.
I feel that some people take their religion to seriously and I feel this is a shame. Don't waste your life 'fearing' death and what comes after.

btw first flash, so tips and tricks are very welcome :)

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Simply that
I myself being a devote catholic I find this extremely well made and smart. I follow a religion not the men who rule it.

Very Nice

i almost thought it was a screamer


That was a very deep flash usaully you wouldnt find flashes like that on newgrounds


I like it, I love the concept that you're trying to put out...sadly no one who blindly follows thier faith will really listen to it. v.v They'll more then likely just cast it off aside as you not knowing anything, or as something 'not of God'.

Still, I liked it, and hey, it doesn't hurt to try right? Maby someday people will open thier eyes and start being more open...or maby not. Either way, it was very good.

Good job, keep it up. ^.^


I don`t see how this would question my believe.How did the Lord die...He is immortal.Did you ever read the Bible? I guess you havent, becouse it has a lot of strong points that are not even questionalble.There are facts, proof of the excistince of God.You only have to except it and not freaked out by the fact there is something that knows you better that you do yourself.

But about the flash. It is not that bad.I guess you put SOME research in it.I like it when artist take time for facts.Showing a couple of cut-out photographs is not what I call animating tho.

Story is nicely done, although it had crucial points.

Music fits perfectly and you could make this a fave submission for me if the story was just a bit different.

Overall: I think you are wrong but that doesn`t stop the fact that this flash is not so bad at all.

I`m sorry to have bored you with this long and boring review(longest I`ve ever written).