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Slash Returns: Ascension

rated 2.65 / 5 stars
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Aug 12, 2006 | 6:55 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Part two of the five-part Slash Returns series!
I was so surprised and happy part one passed, that I took a lot of people's comments into consideration and drastically improved the style. The series will have 5 parts, each more advanced than the last. My skills are improving. ^_^
So, everyone enjoy! I respond to ALL reviews, so go ahead and write one! I appreciate all the support and constructive criticism!

Audio from Stage 3-1. Check them out at the Audio Portal!

Update: For the record, at the end, that is a SWORD, NOT his penis. XD
The fact that I have to clarify this is a good indicator of the average Newgrounder's mentality, huh? :-P



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs work but is amusing

Haha i must admitt this was pretty funny, the animation was far too slow i thought, you should have let it flow like a movie besides the super slow motion type or maybe that was the idea you wanted for it, but i do like the character so you did show some effort, anyways nice job.

Have it flow better in animation and some more animation would be nice

Entertaining, needs some work though.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


One of your older pieces, and I guess the lack of even the tiniest amount of animation proves that...

...but your drawing style, the choice of music, and the well written dialog more than make up for that. It wasn't funny like a lot of your other flash work, but it was certainly epic, and there was a great story running throughout (especially for a glorified 'I ranked up' flash :P). The music was perfect for this animation and really added to the whole feeling.

Your drawing style is really unique as well, with a kind of crude style that actually comes across really well. Especially the crazy blood effects.

Some of your more recent work has included some simple animation as well, and maybe this would have benefited from that extra skill that you have developed, but this is still a solid piece, so 3/5 from me.

SlashFirestorm responds:

I miss ranking up. Gave me an excuse to flash...

Looking back on this flash, I'm like, 4325234 times better now, heh. I've learned so many little tricks since then...completely abandoned MS Paint, the little line-bend thing, gradients and lasso and blah blah blah. One day, I might remake the original Slash Returns movies. XD


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hahaha! Brilliant!

Awesome, awesome, awesome job on this Slash!

I swear man, you have the soul of a poet or however the saying goes. Just the way you described this tale was amazing and by that I mean the words you chose to use, hard to explain but things like "emerged", "slay" and "foe" are cool words you just don't hear everyday, it's the little things that made this feel so realistic! ^_^

The drawings were kinda cool and had a cartoonish edge, and I thought the uniform was simple yet futuristic. Yes a sexy uniform ^_~
This also reminded me of some of those old power ranger games, the style you created and the music you used together made this really enjoyable.

I'll check out the rest of your flash in the next few days, and wow I never realized you had so many. Best of luck with your Clock Day submission! 4/5.

SlashFirestorm responds:

Heheh, my writing and sound selection is what compensates for utter inability to make pretty pictures. XD

Slash's armor is made of high-strength trichronite, a nearly indestructable material that provides enormous protection against wide-dispersal energy and blunt force attacks, but is vunerable to piercing attacks, such as blades and bullets.

LOL a lot of my other flash is sheer crap I was just co-authored to. Me and Molotov's Secret Episode is my pride and joy, except for the Slash Returns series.

Thanks for the review! Looking forward to passing you in B/P again...I'm only one rank behind you now! :evil laugh:


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hm, I can see what you mean about over reacting!

This made me laugh my ass off about how drastic this is with you over reacting, the heroic music, and animation. The music in this flash was awesome, very entergetic and heroic. I like how the story went, pretty hilarious. If you think that badge is the best, just wait till you get to Elite Guard Supreme Commander. You know I am going for EGSC! The ending was alright. Please don't tell me that needle looking stick isn't your... . Anyways, this flash was funny and I kinda enjoyed watching it. Decent Work! Responses are gladly appreciated. :)

GRAPHICS: 4, Ehh, could be better.
STYLE: 6, Pretty hilarious style you got.
SOUND: 6, Like the music but a little to...well...over reacting. lol!
VIOLENCE: 5, You got killed by a fake beast from the portal. Yeah.... lol!
INTERACTIVITY: 1, The Play Button.
HUMOR: 10, I'm dying!
OVERALL: 6, Decent Work! Keep working at it. :)


SlashFirestorm responds:

lol, something terrifying will happen when Slash reaches EGSC...something to shake the foundations of Newgrounds...


Thank Stage 3-1 for their awesome rendition of Heart of Fire, from the Castlevania series. It was good music for this, indeed.

Oh, the beast was real. It's gone now, though. Slash kicked its ass. But there are others out there, maybe even more powerful. KEEP YOUR GUARD UP!!!

Thanks for the review! Anyone who likes review responses can count on me to make them! ^_^


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Honest Review

I dont know how this passed judgment. Honestly, if your name werent SlashFirestorm, and you had not submitted this coauthoring AfroStud, this wouldnt have any chance in passing.

It had absolutely no animation, just bad text on a black background.
The graphics looked like they were done in Paint.
I advise you watch some tutorials, or even better, video tutorials.
You can improve a lot, if you try some actual animation.

Good Luck.

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SlashFirestorm responds:

Probably a combination of all that helped it pass. Slash Returns passed without a famous co-author, probably due to my reputation and the excellent music, lol.

Afro was coauthored because he has shown an interest in making an episode for the series. Plus his graphic skill is far superior to mine, lol.

I'm still practicing with true animation. Tweens are easy, but limited. FBF is hard as hell, but beautiful. I have no idea how the great authors pull it off, lol.

All pictures were done in Flash, and I'm finding Flash much easier to draw in than MS Paint...

My next goal for upcoming flash will be buttons, and trust me, I'll need to watch a lot of tuts for that, lol. I hate actionscript. Even the most basic of it...

Thanks for the review!