Nimian Hunter

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Capture and sacrifice the living creatures to return a dead land to life and undo the damage you have done. It a horsebound game (with a few surprise stallions) and my first with 360degrees of 3d motion. Feedback's the best part about this so don't be shy.
NOTE: There are 2 alternate endings depending on which answer you chose - Yes or No
INSTRUCTIONS: ride to the GREEN MARKERS to find your targets then get close and MOUSE CLICK to capture them and return them to the demon to feed



its ok but nimian flyer legends is the best

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Amazing quality

This is almost as good as Nimian Flyer, but a little too short.


i really like this game alot im hopeing you make more these controlls where so easy to use haha


The graphics are absolutely amazing: the 3D was wonderful for both the characters, animals, and the scenery. I have to say, that must have took a lot of effort and talent to produce. The music was really pleasant to listen to and fit the mood at the right time. I loved that this had a plot.
However, the gameplay was a bit lacking: it needed more attacks. Also, it got a bit dull in missions, because you had to go a long distance to get the creatures, and it sucked that you had to start all over when you lost. (make faster horse or longer distance)

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Not enough to keep me interested. Make an item shop, or have more capture options, instead of just click on the monster and drag them to the demon. Maybe some items that allow you to carry multiple monsters, or some missions where you need to get multiple monsters back to the demon in a time limit. Good concept, but lacking in depth...this is Pong to the potential Halo.

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2006
9:59 PM EDT
Adventure - Other