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Artificial and Virtual

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This is my second submission. This is not about violence in games. Not at all. It's about respecting yourself enough to respect everything else, be it artificial or virtual.

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Very nice.

I liked it. It's a sad point, but a good one. To the jerk who says this is Newgrounds, not a place to put an opinion? Shut up. Just shut up. You suck ass. Shut the hell up.

I really enjoyed this. It was thought provoking, and the music was cool.

MortalFantasy responds:

Thank you. I am glad you liked it.

Great point!

That was a great point made into a neat little flash. Good job.

Good idea

I only thought about this when I saw a movie about robots with Will Smith lol.. I think the name was "I Robot" , but I completely forgot about it and you reminded me of that..
Well I think theyre going to be treaten like pure shit in the future :/
You have a good point..

Decent enough

The idea was pretty cool and all, with the whole idea of actually wondering how we would treat A.I.... I've never dwelled on the idea, but I'd probably treat them like crap to.

What Was That?

I think that was a waste of time. Newgrounds for one is not a place to give your opinion :P We are nerds, we don't care.

Anyway, in the future? We have AI in computers now. In a computer, AI have no feelings, unless programmed. In this case, they can be reprogrammed however you want. AI is used in many war games, makes it fun. They have no brain, they are just pixels, being directed to move however they may have been programmed to do. Even if they are given feelings, they aren't real. An AI feeling is just some stored memory which can be easily erased, or put there. Similiar to the human mind, but also not :P

Robots on the other hand are like walking computers - in fact, that's what they are. They usually have feelings, but who says we are cruel to them? In case you havn't realized it, people have purchased robotic cats and dogs. I have never seen one of these abused, unless turned off and then recycled. What is wrong with this?

Darn Hippies.....
It's like saying "Don't abuse your pen, it has feelings too."

Sorry if I am harsh, but welcome to reality! Or more like, welcome to America!!!!

MortalFantasy responds:

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
Thank you! You missed the point entirely. The movie wasn't about AI or Robots. It was about YOU.

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3.67 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2006
7:52 PM EDT