bbq tanker

August 11, 2006 –
December 27, 2011
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Author Comments

I've always liked the style of bbqbeefburgerman's movies and decided to make my own tribute, seeing as other people have as well. It didn't take as long as I though to get the images and sounds that I needed for the movie. I modified the images in photoshop instead of using a flash filter due to my inexperience in doing so. I think it turned out pretty well overall. Constructive feedback would be appreciated.


There was a good amount of scenes featuring the original BBQ-Man and Ham Sandwich man in this and it was funny as hell especially the end where BBQ-Man bailed on the boat and bombed the tanker,great stuff man you deserve a 10.

^^Good Points^^
The music choices were good in this. I liked the second song best. Some parts of this were pretty good. I liked how you made BBQ climb up the ladder to the top.

^^Needs Improving^^
This just seemed too empty to me. There weren't many animations other than BBQ and Ham, and they were very zoomed out, which makes it seem like less is going on in here. The ending fight wasn't even funny either.

That was notbad, kinda neat actually, it had some very nice graphics and the "ANIMATION" was smooth notbad at all, i ould like to see more to this, anyways nice animation...

Maybe just the size was abit large...

Good animation neat graphics, notbad at all...


The graphics and style were pretty good in this flash. The sound was also pretty good in this flash, although it was hard to hear Bbqbeefburgerman, but you had subtitles that were right on cue with what they were saying. Howev,er it didn't have a 'REPLAY' button, or an 'END' sound.


That was a pimp tribute to bbq.

Awesome, I dunno why, but the fart made me laugh a lot =P

Thank you for using my music, it is much appreciated!

Dont mind the zeross! i got first place in the high scores ! :D

man this was so gangsta.

Very nice, a bit on the short side, but that doesn't stop it from being funny. =]

I voted five.

Come up with your own damn characters. Why does everyone like this burger guy so much. It isn't that hard to come up with a character, just do it. Make something that is worth my time next time.


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