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Who Goes There? Part 6

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UPDATE 060814 - Daily 2nd Place and frontpage Thank you all!

The final part in the Who Goes There Series?
I like to thank the brilliant voice actors at the newgrounds voice acting club for making all the amazing voice acting. Hope you enjoy the show and please review!



ur animation style seems very cartoony. Id love to see a humorous or wacky flash from u. Ur styles to silly for something so serious, but i love the series.and ur animation:)

Ah, the conclusion of a chilling tale.

Frankly, I was disappointed that the Guard (the one who set the C4) died...he was cool. the ending was creepy and satisfying, yet still left you hanging just a bit. Of course, I would interpret the Captain's possession as the beginning of the death of humanity...

Good job, sir. You have my praise.


Amazing job! Every episode has an really good plot, but in this episode, it's extremely good. I saw the previous episdoes a while ago. Okay, so:

Graphics: The graphics aren't poor but they're kind of unique and sketchy/cartoony. - 7

Style: I can't really tell, but some parts were kind of choppy. - 8

Sound: The sound effects are okay, I don't know what would be considered really good. The lipsycning is okay and the voices are pretty good. - 7

Violence: There's a lot of violence; some is mild and some is excessive. - 9

Interactivity: The only thing I noticed was the play button for the Newgrounds preloader. If I remember, I think there's a replay button, too. - 2

Humor: Sorry, but I didn't find anything to be funny.

Overall: 10/10!

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Nice work! But..

Really nice work man, this is just like a real movie. But
the only thing in the flash was that everything happend to fast!
thats not good.. i thay whuld have talked a bit more and not go to the end just like that, then the movie culd be much bigger and more fun to watch. anyway, it was really good.

oh hell no

mama f**ka its the best ending i've seen but since he was an alien and/or mutant u hav 2 make an alt. series to explain if he gets stopped and a prequal leading up to the wevents the occored at that area 51. OOOOh wait u could call your new series "AREA 52" THAT WOULD SO RULE FO SHIZZLE

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