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Open Space v2

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A pretty good time ago, I made the first version of this game. It was a fun little thing, but it was lacking in a lot of ways. Oh well. Here's the revamp. It's got all new graphics, more guns, and a few other goodies.

If you want to get the cheats, then either do well on the NORMAL difficulty, or wait for some asshole to post them in a review.

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good game i had lots of fun.
expecialy with cheats so heres some for you losers:
activate kitten mode:9 lives
Pimp My Rocket:Super Missles!
Royale with Cheese:Divine Intervention...
NRA Forever:NRA Forever
we need guns. lots of guns. :all guns (fair amount of bullets for each)
i just had to do it


one question...
how does a "flame" thrower work in space???... sttill pretty good

Simple and Fun

This game is simple and fun. Great Game

that was really good

yes it was

your cool if...

you pm me or post codes or cheats :)