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Unforgotten Realms: Epi4

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==Unforgotten Realms: Episode Four==

Watch the other episodes first! You will still be able to enjoy this installment of Unforgotten Realms even if you don't watch the other episodes first, however I would advise against it!

This episode is freaking 10 minutes long. Only reason it's almost double other episodes though is because it's my awesome birthday present episode. Some of you may notice I have cleaned up the graphics just a little bit. I can't redo though because it would kill the style of the series!

Please leave reviews and email me MS paint pictures of sir schmoopy.

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I recognize that boss disappear sound effect from "Super Mario World"! That's my favorite video game! Wouldn't two monocles just be regular glasses? The girl sounds like an old lady. I doubt he'd be interested in her. Love the MS paint joke.

I mean, that's how you do some stuff here. It's interesting to see the story progress. It's weird, because it's really goofy but does have something going on. The talking axe goes along well. It's weird that you use "Epi" in the title.

Bastard Sword?

Does anyone really know the definition to foreshadowing?
at least he has superb algebra skills.

intro made me die...laughing

Schmoopy's intro was hilarious and well..better than mike's

"see me after class" LOL I really love these series :D:D

My cheeks hurt

These movies are so bad ass. The axe sounds like eric cartman from south park.


woof woof, bark arf bark bark arf woof! Translation: ( I love unforgotten realms it makes me happy inside! )