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Goth Lyfe 7: Undercover

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The highly anticipated seventh episode is finally here! Sorry for keeping you all waiting, don't worry more is on the way! (Season 1 ends episode 10). **Attention**, the so-called Goths in the show are not authentic Goths and even though they consider themselves to be very "Gothentic" we are not trying to offend anyone, if you can't take a joke, I suggest you don't watch this. And for the rest of you...enjoy! Oh and as always, I recommend watching the first 6 before watching this one, the story does continue and you will be lost and unfortunately not get all the jokes if you haven't seen the rest...(the animation is kinda cruddy in the first 3 but hey, they're classics.

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I like that there getting more powers and the duck didn't die

"Yah, it's Goth Rage. Every Goth has it."


on mentioning eternal darkness sanity's reqieum ,,,,,,,,,prehaps the best game ever game


cool film lol all the voices are done by two people lol

Hows about Black widow?

Wow she is such a conformist.....