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Demented Cartoon Movie!

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Okay, here's the deal.
This movie is dumb. It is 30 minutes long (seriously). It's also pretty funny. It wasn't really originally meant for internet distribution but whatever.
p.s. There is a high quality version of the movie at my website. This is subject to change at any point, though.


Wholy shit...

Even thought some parts didnt deserve a 10, I gave all 10's anyway. I mean, damn do0d, one persons complete lack of a social life leaves me with 33 minutes of complete enjoyment! Mr. Weight. I laughed so hard... BTW, I wasnt keeping track of time, and right now Its at the last black screen where it ticks. And I would picture as the kind of sick demented fuck to let something tick for 10 minutes, and then have something else be there. And Im the kind of sick demented fuck to sit here and let it run to see if that's the case. And for that, I hate you. But you still get a 10.

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Haha, that was great!

Yeah, I actually sticked around to watch the whole thing. I'm impressed! Even though the graphics are pretty crappy the crazy humour makes up for it.

The longest NG movie ever!

And also one of the funniest movie, too! It reminds me some old time comedy programs. Pointless but have fun for hours. That's the one.

This was great!!

tho everything sucked about this movie, with the graphics and sound as such, but somehow i still think this is one of the greatest and funniest things i ever saw!!! I want MORE!!!

good job!

absolutely one of the funniest movies i've seen in the Portal for a while. Original...entertaining...funn y! what moer is there to say. awesome work

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4.43 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2001
1:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Original