Paper Mario: Remake

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This is my remake for my first paper mario, it doesnt have everything from my first one cause im gonna add it in the second one to the series. I would like to thank Courtney Leacock for the voices and support. I hope you all enjoy it.


(( Lol Funny ))

This was funny, and entertaining, i liked this the characters were sharp and crisp,a dn the animation had good smooth flow of animation, and on top of that it was, funny, so nice job.

Nothing i found it just right so nice job.

A funny mario them animation.


I've seen and played better!

Great flash, but you're missing somethings that the orignal had, witch made it great in the first place! Here's what you're missing; a great story-line, effert, compasion, and everything else that was in the orignal Paper Mario! Toad was even more annoying in this than in Super Mario Brothers! Voices are just plain terrible! Seriously! Also, one more piece of advice, if you're thinking of remaking a flash from a great game, play it first so you'd have an idea on how the story orginaly played. Try, try again! And next time put a lot more effert into your flashes and make them a lot funnier, please!!!!

cool one

of all the mario games that are out there and have been re-made or been made fun of... paper mario has probably been either looked down upon or forgotten. granted it wasn't exactly my favorite game, but it was still good enough to be re-made/made fun of in the form of someones flashwork.... and this animation was quite good. i give you good credit in this one for using paper mario. the animation itself was original and quite entertaining.
good job on it.

A liitle bit of...weirdness...

That was funny when Mario said "Shut up **** up!I"'m tired of your voice!".Hmmm...I guess there's no ending to this story...Neither a story/plot...

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Not all that good.I hoped for something better.

The first one was better,just overall in the flash.The graphics were better and you had voices,but why censore in the subtitles and not in the movie?

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2006
7:04 PM EDT
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