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August 10, 2006 –
April 27, 2011
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It wasn't all that funny with it being non-original though i did get a slight laugh from the beginning and it was cool to see a character with a hot dog for a head,overall it wasn't bad but could have been a slight more creative.

were stoned mde this series i think u were man stupid and dumb series man retried u cant evn see the video grrrrrrrrrr

id rather have bashed my head against a brick wall than watch that!
and that is one of the smallest screens i have ever seen!

a like when he says fuck but i can't see very good because its to small

Well first off the screen is way too small so not much for me to see, but if you really want it deleted, why not just have an admin delete it or maybe check your user settings, you should make the screen larger though.

Make the screen size larger so we can atleast see something from your flash.

A very small flash lol.


Wow, that's definitely one of the smallest movies I've seen in some time. I couldn't make out what was going on at all. From the looks of it, it may have been a decent flash, but I couldn't tell. If you want it deleted and you repaced the file with that, then it's a different story, but I don't know if you did that or not. Assuming you did not, try to make the flash bigger next time, or more interesting.

Or was the sound out of sync?

I didn't really like the look of the burger guy. Don't get me wrong, I'm open to opinions on different looking ones, but that one just looked way too different. The talking parts were also really loud, and when I say that I mean a little too loud. I like it when people use that ending song when they end it. Twas pretty cool.

Well, I like the black & white style of this movie. It's pretty cool. The graphics in this flash weren't bad, either. However, no Speakonia voices?! Also, like the last reviewer, I agree that the whole fart thing is gettign kidn of repetitive. Add to that no 'REPLAY' button, and no 'END' sound. I like the T.V. Screen-type look, though, at the credits.


^^Good Points^^
The graphics are right on line with the original BBQ movies, which is a good thing. I liked the animations in this, and hot dog guy was kind of funny looking. It had the classic fart as well, so not bad there either, and the sound clips were funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
The fart is just getting way too predictible. Wish he would come out with something new so people could parody that too.

This was so funny because you think your gonna get a nice bbq beaf burgermman movie but instead we got you. You are sctually one of my favorite authors and I love the way you scream bad words close to the microphone. Hillariouse.

I dont like things that make fun of bbq beefburger man but this was ok. It kinda got attention of everyone in my house cause of the loudness.

great movie

yey i saved it great movie

but didnt we recently see a crappy animation with sticks that had this same exact conversation?

no matter though at least yours had animation not just a stick screaming at someone.

protection points...
happy flashing!!

bbq sure has lost a lot of weight

but they're boring now. You put little or no work into this one. Make something good again!!

lmao this is some funny shit.

Oh if you wouldn't mind telling me how do you get the layer of static? did you do it by hand or get i form somehwere?


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