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Love Dating Sim for Girls

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Author Comments

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NOT HENTAI!! Romantic dating sim for girls. Dating sim for girls!

This game may not be distributed or place in other sites other than Nummyz.com and Deviantart.com

New cast of Love Dating Sim II is seen here at http://nummyz.deviantart
.com. You play as cute Sara on her 30 day quest to be paired up with a hottie before summer ends. This flash dating sim is like no other :) Wow, Frontpage and 100k+ views? Thank you! Mwahs to Tom! And thanks to Haruk0 for his nomination! *hugs*

EDIT: I have refixed the glitches, bugs, and the main menu's interface. :) Look for Bomee's next dating sim early September-December!!

Over the course of ten days, the Bomee lost her right forefinger from making this game, using only a mouse for all the graphics. Lol. This is my first game and I hope it won't be the last, so please be gentle! I would like to thank the following NG members: zigs_dk for his AS help, Vaught for regarding me as his favorite artist and all his support, sathkyboypruductions for being a cute fanboy, dark_vampyress for being the coolest NG chick, and llxll_Dylan_llxll for loving my flash since the beginning! And to all my NG fans-- there are only a few of you, but I love ya! For the NG boys, I included a girl for Sara to court, woot.

dating sim, logo, characters copyright nummyz.com



Okay, I'm not trying to be rude, but that sucked so much it was hilarious! I am laughing so hard thanks to that game, which is why I didn't give you a zero.

I know what you're probably thinking, "Oh great, another guy dissing this because there was not hentai". This is absolutely not true, I HATE hentai. But still, you can't say that boobs are overrated, you're a girl so you wouldn't know. Now does this mean I look at porn and hentai? No, I'm a kid trying to resist temptation.

Okay, maybe I'm being to harsh with you. I just don't think that this kind of dating sim really works, if you must make one for girls (which that right there means I wouldn't play it personally) do it right, I mean for your information, all of those guys seemed really gay.

Well I wish you much luck, good bye.

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Bomee responds:

thank you. good luck to u too, whatever it is that you wish to pursue/do. But I can say boobs are over-rated because I have them, they are a pain in the ass, they are nothing but pure fat, can cause back problems, and flat-chested girls are always jealous for no reason other than to be a sexpot image in the eyes of boob-men/guys/or little boys. Not to mention breast cancer, boob jobs,and having to put on a bra everyday...

And yes the guys all seem very gay-- should I have put in wrestlers and janitors or fat asses instead? Or some real men-- hairy and scary? Regardless, I'm making another one and u can come back and hate on that one too, i'll be waiting :)


loved it lol very cute

fuckin a

effing amazzing
so what if your art isn't top noch?
you did it all with a mouse and i friggin luuuv iiit
super cute
i just didn't like the part about the dead sister it was like...wow...he wants to date his sister?!?!!?
cute =]

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Mark another one

It was pretty good, (yes im female xD) but i think it could of been better. uh nice style, needs better drawings lol and better looking guys xD <3 nemi


I was so so pleased with this game! It was so much sweeter than any other dating sim I've ever played! ^^ And don't let anyone tell you that the art sucked, because it just added to the charm of the game! It made it seem more touching, y'know? *sighs happily* ^___^ I'm going to play all of the people through and add this game to my favorites! Please please PLEASE make more!!

Bomee responds:

thank u sweety :) i am definitely working hard on the next dating sim :) *hugs*

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Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2006
10:34 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating