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Wow, Daily 5th. I want to get more great content out to you guys asap but I'm postponing further flashing until I get a Wacom tablet. I want all of my submissions to be quality submissions so no longer shall I struggle with a mouse and bad art. I plan to make the purchase soon.
Finally, it's done!!! I kinda got a little careless recently though because I wanted it to just be finished so there isn't as much creativity in some of the sections. But tell me if you like it and if you wanna go on to lesson two. This is for those who think learning Japanese would be cool, but don't have the money or proper resources to learn it. Or if you just don't like reading everything out of a boring book. I'm trying to make the process a little more interesting so that people can be a little smarter a little easier. ^_^ I hope I didn't forget anything.
Update: I'm terribly ashamed of this flash. It's just soo bad. I put a decent amount of effort into it but I put some stupid mistakes in too. Anyone who already knows Japanese is probably yelling at the computer screen for the bad mistakes. At the beginning I say "..Caleb kun desu..." which is completely impolite and wrong. There are a few other issues with it but that's the worst. I definately want to restart this Japanese flash concept from the very beginning instead of continuing from this one.


i live in japan,...

I live in japan (shibuya if you know where that is...) ive lived here for 7 years. I can read hiragana , katagana and i know about 80 kanji...i like this it was preatty well explained and for someone that doesnt know japanese at all its a good start. You should make some advanced ones. Maybe on calligraphy.

Keep it up!

P.S. Bokuno cincin totemo okii desu. wakarimaska?
;けた。 :D

Cayler responds:

Then you know a hell of a lot more Japanese than me. lol Nothing I make about Japanese lanuage or culture could possibly teach you anything. Unless I made something that teaches kanji. I could just look those up then make a program about them, even though I don't know them myself. Or I could teach chinese if you're interested. Anatano chinchin wa totemo okii desu keredomo bokuno chinchin wa totemo totemo totemo okii desu yo!! lol

Ii desuyo!

I liked it :D I'm learning japanese at highschool, and I have to say that you should teach others to the alphabet in the next episode ;)

Cayler responds:

I most certainly will. I wanted to do it on this one, but I figured that would be getting to far ahead.


+This is SO good.

+I totally approve and support this submission.

+this is the only tutorial in my FAVOURITES. It will be used over and over. I did some Karate and picked up a few scraps, but not enough to build on.
Thank You
-You might get your sensei to pronouce the whole sentences at the end.
-Grasshopper is used here as a name and should, therefore, be capitalised. I will contact the other Dragons & Spirits- I feel certain they will support this

Cayler responds:

Thanx! I actually don't have a sensei. The voice of the sensei was just sounds I took from a small program I had. lol When it comes to stuff that I don't have in my current collection, I may look elsewhere for authentic voices but if I can't find any that match what I want to teach, I may have to resort to saying the phrases myself. I don't consider myself bad at pronouncing Japanese, but it's just for safety that I search elsewhere before I make my own sounds. I could end up sounding really foolish to a native and teaching people how to speak -Japanese with an English accent- lol

Hm.. ok but not great..

Let's go with + and -

+ You worked hard
+ The interactivity is nice
+ The sound is not agressing either
+ The actual Japanese pronunciation is excellent (You don't sound like a foreigner with a bad accent)

- Your Yamada-sensei looks more Chinese than anything
- It is very basic Japanese as in you don't explore a lot
- You are trying to teach different things at once which don't make sense until you study further

Being that I have been speaking Japanese for over 6 years and that I live in Japan, of course my view is biased a little. I have learned nothing new in this but some people will, although very simple.

While I understand that you teach the Keigo form (polite Japanese with the form "desu"), it is however not very common in reglar conversations and although people will understand you, you however will not understand the reply.

But hey! It works to impress your friends a little! ^^

And I admit that you have worked really hard on the presentation!


I must amze my friends with my japanese skills! Thanks dude!

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Aug 10, 2006
3:18 AM EDT
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