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Author Comments

Wow, Daily 5th. I want to get more great content out to you guys asap but I'm postponing further flashing until I get a Wacom tablet. I want all of my submissions to be quality submissions so no longer shall I struggle with a mouse and bad art. I plan to make the purchase soon.
Finally, it's done!!! I kinda got a little careless recently though because I wanted it to just be finished so there isn't as much creativity in some of the sections. But tell me if you like it and if you wanna go on to lesson two. This is for those who think learning Japanese would be cool, but don't have the money or proper resources to learn it. Or if you just don't like reading everything out of a boring book. I'm trying to make the process a little more interesting so that people can be a little smarter a little easier. ^_^ I hope I didn't forget anything.
Update: I'm terribly ashamed of this flash. It's just soo bad. I put a decent amount of effort into it but I put some stupid mistakes in too. Anyone who already knows Japanese is probably yelling at the computer screen for the bad mistakes. At the beginning I say "..Caleb kun desu..." which is completely impolite and wrong. There are a few other issues with it but that's the worst. I definately want to restart this Japanese flash concept from the very beginning instead of continuing from this one.


Watashi wa Inu desu!!!!!!!! YAY I spoke Japnese!!!

Finally someone put a japanese tutorial on here thank goodness!
Thanks for teaching me to say I am a dog! Great work and as the last guy said could you put an alphabet cuz I wanna learn the japanese alphabet! Well thanks again and make another one allright? Oh and teach me how to say, "Thank you most gracious sensei-san!"

'Till next time----------Shadow_Fox_Ninja!! (karaoke!!)


i was gonna do something like this.
guess you beat me to it.
oh well.
yeah make some more it was pretty good.
though i'd suggest start teaching some of the japanese characters probably starting with the katakana alphabet.
good luck.

Very informative

Thank you. Even for a basic tutorial I learned very much from this. I'm a big anime watcher and I finaly understood a few of the words that I didnt before.
I think both myself and others would greatly benefiet from you making more levels of this tutorial to learn progressevly More japanese. That would be fantastic!



Good, for a starter.

I absolutely enjoyed it. It had a great balance of animation, sound, and a great deal information. Although I know very little Japanese, I do know (to quote the user Vorpal) that if you're gonna add -san or -kun, it better be to an authority figure, adult, basicly to anyone who needs the utmost respect. Keep up the work, and make a sequel if you can. Maybe form a language series of French, Spanish, Japanese, English (for the illiterate people on the BBS, jk), etc.

Cayler responds:

Hey, you noticed the mistake too. I wish I wouldn't have put it in there but it's too late to change it now. Read the response to the comment below this one for my explanation.

Good introduction for beginners

The one problem I heard was in the introduction. I was taught NEVER to introduce yourself as "name"+san or kun or chan or whatever. Those are only to be used for other people. I could be mistaken, since I'm not a native speaker, but that was grilled into me during the first semester of the several years I took Japanese.

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Cayler responds:

Yes, you're right. That was a big mistake on my part. At first I was just thinking that I needed a way to help people get used to the idea of titles like kun or chan but when I was writing the script, I kinda got ahead of myself and put that in there. Then when I recorded it, I thought, "hey that shouldn't be there...well, nobody will really notice anyway." But now I'm not so sure it was right to just ignore it. I'll bet some people who speak Japanese really well start watching it and think, "What a moron! And he's in charge of teaching all these people who are going to be watching this piece of crap!?" lol I'll just make sure not to make that kind of mistake again. Though, I really kinda do feel like I shouldn't be teaching people because I'm only self taught. I've never taken any Japanese classes or even known any Japanese people. So I hope I can make the next installments without teaching people the wrong stuff! lol Thanx for the review.

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4.19 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2006
3:18 AM EDT
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