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Wow, Daily 5th. I want to get more great content out to you guys asap but I'm postponing further flashing until I get a Wacom tablet. I want all of my submissions to be quality submissions so no longer shall I struggle with a mouse and bad art. I plan to make the purchase soon.
Finally, it's done!!! I kinda got a little careless recently though because I wanted it to just be finished so there isn't as much creativity in some of the sections. But tell me if you like it and if you wanna go on to lesson two. This is for those who think learning Japanese would be cool, but don't have the money or proper resources to learn it. Or if you just don't like reading everything out of a boring book. I'm trying to make the process a little more interesting so that people can be a little smarter a little easier. ^_^ I hope I didn't forget anything.
Update: I'm terribly ashamed of this flash. It's just soo bad. I put a decent amount of effort into it but I put some stupid mistakes in too. Anyone who already knows Japanese is probably yelling at the computer screen for the bad mistakes. At the beginning I say "..Caleb kun desu..." which is completely impolite and wrong. There are a few other issues with it but that's the worst. I definately want to restart this Japanese flash concept from the very beginning instead of continuing from this one.



its good for learning numbers, but thats about it though... and wheres episode 2 and so on O.o anyways... %u304C%u3093%u3070%u3063%u3066%u304F%


Domo Arigato! Thanks SOOOOO much, I've been looking for a good way to learn Japanese with less text and whatnot! I want 2! and 3! and 4! *goes on forever* and 4856!


why is Mr. Stikky dancing to russian pop music?

(( Something new ))

This was something new, shows lots of effort, and there was lots of info, which i really liked, you should think about some compression though, it was nice though and the size was abit much aswell.

I would really try and work on the size.

Interesting info flash, very good idea.



thanks for this, this will help me out a lot :) right then, forst of all, there seems 2 be now way to turn the music back on after uve turned it off, and the animals section needs 2 be clearly labelled, and it took me a while to find the hidden "back to main menu" button in the number area, i belive this only occured though after i went back in and interrupted the guy speaking by clicking the button that gets the sensei to count to 10 in Japanese, over than that, its great, but more examples would be good, and little tests, like the 1s at the end, maybe even a way to check how we string our words together? well, cant wait for your next one :) hope its not 2 long :)

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Aug 10, 2006
3:18 AM EDT
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