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Wow, Daily 5th. I want to get more great content out to you guys asap but I'm postponing further flashing until I get a Wacom tablet. I want all of my submissions to be quality submissions so no longer shall I struggle with a mouse and bad art. I plan to make the purchase soon.
Finally, it's done!!! I kinda got a little careless recently though because I wanted it to just be finished so there isn't as much creativity in some of the sections. But tell me if you like it and if you wanna go on to lesson two. This is for those who think learning Japanese would be cool, but don't have the money or proper resources to learn it. Or if you just don't like reading everything out of a boring book. I'm trying to make the process a little more interesting so that people can be a little smarter a little easier. ^_^ I hope I didn't forget anything.
Update: I'm terribly ashamed of this flash. It's just soo bad. I put a decent amount of effort into it but I put some stupid mistakes in too. Anyone who already knows Japanese is probably yelling at the computer screen for the bad mistakes. At the beginning I say "..Caleb kun desu..." which is completely impolite and wrong. There are a few other issues with it but that's the worst. I definately want to restart this Japanese flash concept from the very beginning instead of continuing from this one.


Japanese lesson

I liked it a lot when i first clicked it. but since i'm learning Japanese my self too i found a few mistakes or things that could've been better. At first the main menu says 'Grammer' which should be 'grammar'.
When 'your' character is intruduced you call yourself Celeb-kun. But in Japanese you can't call yourself -kun. only your friends are named by -kun.
At the part of counting the number 4 is shown as 'shi'. Nothing wrong with it, but 'yon' i much more used. And in the example sentences the partical 'no' is used, which isn't explained at all.
But overall it's a great idea, worked out with humor, the graphics are good and i'm waiting for a Japanease lesson 2!!


that was very well done, i think.
i loved the preloader, and think the program was very well presented

horosho, no moglo byt luchshe

I think it's fine, but add funny aspects to it.

thx a lot

thx I really wanted to learn japanease. I can't wait for the other lessons sensei

Needs more, but still good

A very good lesson on how to speak japanese. I thought that more information could have been included in lesson1. However, it's a good introduction to Japanese. Hopefully we'll see Lesson2 coming out soon, with numbers past 10, more nouns (Every day objects), and harder difficulty.

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Aug 10, 2006
3:18 AM EDT
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