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Dailytoon #237

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NOTE: if you've sent in a dailytoon and you are dying for it to be used sooner rather then later, just send me a PM about it.

Today's toon is of the high quality variety, with works by Taylor Bortner, The_Soul_Man, Adam Ant, and Koden Curial.
Sorry this toon is slightly late, I was busy today and no one could cover for me. At least its still before midnight on the west coast :\


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(( Nice art on these ))

This was good, probably one of the best i have seen in awhile, the graphics was great aswell as the animation and you gave it some good humor, all the clips were great i love dthis, keep up the good work.

I like it as is.

Funny and entertaining animations.


Dearest Star Syndicate

After reading many of your reviews... First off, I regret I dissapointed you all by not reviewing it upon submission.

Taylor-Work like yours was not given any justice by being trippled up with 3 horrific flash shorts.

Star Syndicate-Do me a favor, either pair up quality cartoons with each other in a collection or just stop accepting flashes that clearly no thought was put into. Nobody cares if you can or can not include 4 quality toons in a daily toon. That's what we all want, we're getting tired of seeing these balammable movies make it past the NG Portal.



TheStarSyndicate responds:

lmao you are the most immature 23 year old ive ever seen. why do you care so much about some flash series on a website?


To be honest, i don't find all animation interressting. The fisrt is really cool, but the other, so weird!

I hated this beyond all reason but...

Taylors part redeemed it! Awsomeness to the extreme!


^^Good Points^^
I liked Taylor's part. Very nice drawings, shading, and animation. Even though the storyline didn't really develop much, it was still the best part in this. The_Soul_Man's part was kind of humorous as well, I liked the music.

^^Needs Improving^^
Adam Ant's part was just terrible, and I think it's pretty obvious as to why it is terrible. Curial's part is just something that he submitted to the portal and got blammed. It's still crap.