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I made this "movie" out of frustation about all the crap that's submitted in here. Nobody wants to wait for minutes to download a 6 MB file, ending up with a 2 second stick movie with a complete 44100 kHz 16 bit stereo MP3 track! This movie is for those people, you'll get the message...probably, hopefully...

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Beyond pointless

Youve just got to love the way you think, your idea of a protest at people who "submit crap" is to make something EVEN WORSE than theirs??

Dont even waste time looking at this brainless, shallow and unfunny crap. Sheer waste of bandwidth.

U know...

U just might have something here. The sheer power of your message is baffling and.... oh wait no. Its crap. Pointless.Go steal some booze from ur dads liquor cabinet and drink ur sorrows away instead of wasting bandwidth

teenage agression

Sorry you felt so mad at the world at the time. I hope you're over it, because no one likes a cry baby.


haha kids today don't remember what it was like back then. even now, not all of us are able to get our mommies and daddies to buy us a fast internet connection, we just get what we can afford because we have to pay for it ourselves.
so anyhoo, I liked the style, I liked the way it was small, I liked the way it hit you in the face and delivered your message succinctly. good job there.

Some advice

um dude if loading time makes you so frustrated the problem is with your suckass connection and not with the artists on this site. Don't take out your "my-internet-capabilities-are-shit" aggressions out on these people.

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2.77 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2001
10:09 PM EDT