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When a mysterious enemy threatens the peace of Konami World, a new hero must rise. This first chapter of ParoVadius, my Parodius/CastleVania/Gra
dius saga, also stands as a tribute to my favorite Konami games, CastleVania especially. Check it out.

For loads of additional info and storyboards, hit OPTIONS.

8|10: Thanks for the support!

Side notes: ParoVadius RESET is a complete, perfect overhaul of my first huge Flash project from 2002, "ParoVadius: THE MOVIE!!!" Some voice acting isn't there due to missing talent, but volunteers are welcome. The credits originally scrolled, but broke Flash's 16000(?) frame limit, causing it to crash, so bear with the arrow buttons. Big Up to Kylee Henke for lending her voice to Pure and MAYAKAISA!



ummmmmm......................... ZOMGWTFLOL That was funny as hell, and... actually really epic

You sir, are the man

or you WOULD be, if the real Slim Sloggy wasnt already.

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DYNAKYRIS responds:

Yeah, m'man Sloggy Slogg is keeping me down. XD Thanks.

Dadmnit i hate these choices

Have sex with chick, or save the world... damnit. Good flash it had a little of everything. and thank you for killing of thatall your base crap early (that got old around the first time i saw the damn the damn thing). cant wait for part 2

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Difficult choice, isn't it? If I got a dollar for every time Konami World ended, I'd have, like, lots of dollars.

Since it was part of ParoVadius' inspiration, I squeezed in a little Zero Wing tribute there.

For Great Justice.

Loved it all

I loved the opening where it seemed to be a game but was probably more fun as a cartoon anyway. The music is also really unique and sets the tone well just during the credits. It is so great to see you using these sprites as they are so underused in general. The graphics and effects are flawless, especially with the way you show off fire and explosions. The dialogue by itself is also pretty funny. I really should have expected CATS to show up, but at least he got blown up and said, "Why me?".

Great movie

Great movie, nice work.

As soon as the music started, i fifened. Dream Theater rocks.

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4.27 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2006
12:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody