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When a mysterious enemy threatens the peace of Konami World, a new hero must rise. This first chapter of ParoVadius, my Parodius/CastleVania/Gra
dius saga, also stands as a tribute to my favorite Konami games, CastleVania especially. Check it out.

For loads of additional info and storyboards, hit OPTIONS.

8|10: Thanks for the support!

Side notes: ParoVadius RESET is a complete, perfect overhaul of my first huge Flash project from 2002, "ParoVadius: THE MOVIE!!!" Some voice acting isn't there due to missing talent, but volunteers are welcome. The credits originally scrolled, but broke Flash's 16000(?) frame limit, causing it to crash, so bear with the arrow buttons. Big Up to Kylee Henke for lending her voice to Pure and MAYAKAISA!


In pretty poor taste...

Not only was this video a headache to watch, but I found it to be in very poor taste when it started out with a parody of 9/11. That is not something to be joked about. A lot of people lost their lives or lost loved ones that day. I have frequented the Castlevania Dungeon for years (a site that has many Eric Roman contributions) but this video truly just bothered me.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

A parody of 9|11, or a parody of the Deadeye Joe stage in Contra Hardcorps?

For the record, I was there when the first plane flew overhead. I was /there/ when it happened. I don't need a lecture.

/I/ was the one who had to tell my room, on my first day back at college, why classes were suddenly cancelled!

This is a fan fiction. If you don't want the experience, never return.

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Aug 9, 2006
12:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody