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When a mysterious enemy threatens the peace of Konami World, a new hero must rise. This first chapter of ParoVadius, my Parodius/CastleVania/Gra
dius saga, also stands as a tribute to my favorite Konami games, CastleVania especially. Check it out.

For loads of additional info and storyboards, hit OPTIONS.

8|10: Thanks for the support!

Side notes: ParoVadius RESET is a complete, perfect overhaul of my first huge Flash project from 2002, "ParoVadius: THE MOVIE!!!" Some voice acting isn't there due to missing talent, but volunteers are welcome. The credits originally scrolled, but broke Flash's 16000(?) frame limit, causing it to crash, so bear with the arrow buttons. Big Up to Kylee Henke for lending her voice to Pure and MAYAKAISA!



There Has To Be Another One, That Fucking Movie ROCKED!!!
I'd Give It Over A 10 on the overall Score if I Could

you are the "man"

Nice stuff dude, my only "but" for you is that maybe you can ask for someone who can make the draws that aren't sprites, maybe if you can scan a draw made with ink and pencil, or take more time to do them in flash, however is pretty awsome this movie. Congrats!

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Thanks, Husky!

My control over the vectors has improved very significantly since the time those drawings were made. I look at BERIGYAIBON LAMENT and say, damn, I only used ONE line for this curve and that curve?

it was ok

thanks for saving us from that tired "all your base..." line

DYNAKYRIS responds:

...it was...kinda a tribute...--I mean, you're welcome! ^_^;

Seriously, thanks for checking it out.

wtf were YOU on when you made this? o_0

I can't even figure out half of wth just happened, did you have one too many pixie sticks before making this? holy shit, I LITERALLY have ADD and i couldn't keep up with the freaking story it zoomed around so much, i saw the all your base guy for a sec, then two monsters (some of the dialogue went away WAY too fast) there's a girl who has the hots for a monster? etc etc, and now it's time for revenge? wtf? can i get a layout of the script here or something? I'm so lost I need a freakin map

DYNAKYRIS responds:

The fact that Pure has the hots for Slogra isn't so much of a problem, as they're just videogame characters. The REAL issue is that she's not even from CAPCOM! All that and more, on the next Springer.

ADD /could/ affect how one follows this story...

I've been thinking of releasing the script in HTML format, actually. Good call. When that'll come around, though, I can't say. Drawing over here.

Thanks for checking it out, at least.

special, but ammusing

wow, definitely strange as they come. If for no reason other than the music it was worth watching. I'll look forward to a sequel to wrap this strange one up.

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4.27 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2006
12:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody