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When a mysterious enemy threatens the peace of Konami World, a new hero must rise. This first chapter of ParoVadius, my Parodius/CastleVania/Gra
dius saga, also stands as a tribute to my favorite Konami games, CastleVania especially. Check it out.

For loads of additional info and storyboards, hit OPTIONS.

8|10: Thanks for the support!

Side notes: ParoVadius RESET is a complete, perfect overhaul of my first huge Flash project from 2002, "ParoVadius: THE MOVIE!!!" Some voice acting isn't there due to missing talent, but volunteers are welcome. The credits originally scrolled, but broke Flash's 16000(?) frame limit, causing it to crash, so bear with the arrow buttons. Big Up to Kylee Henke for lending her voice to Pure and MAYAKAISA!


I told her not to eat the ham!

Hahahaha, so you finally released it on Newgrounds huh? Like I said awhile ago, great movie, great remake, totally sexy.

The ParoVadius Junkie speaks!

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Preach on, bruthaman.

Ey, I TOLD her not to eat the ham. But she would'nt believe me! WHYYYY WOULDN'T SHE BELIEVE MEH?!


Its a good idea, but it's rarely used. If you want to have a reset feature, have a point for it. Make it used to reset to wehn the player starts playing, and make the fastforward/rewind buttons faster (its REALLY annoying to repeatedly click it for every frame). And, along with a flash movie, there would be a sequence where it would be like classic Konami shooting games in which you can actually play, but with the feature to control time in case you mess up like in that game for Xbox (Blinx, was it? The one with the cat) Otherwise, nice movie, even though with ripped sprites, and I really didnt notice a differnece between 16-bit and 32-bit Slogaibon.....Maybe change the color?

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Thanks for your crit!

Slogra and Gaibon had their graphics updated very nicely when they made the jump from Super CastleVania IV to CastleVania: Symphony of the Night. Though some detail may have been lost, like Gaibon's skeletal stomach in SCVIV, the colors of their PlayStation versions result in a cleaner presentation. For Slogaibon 32, too.

True that, the choice of RESETting the movie may seem a little useless, but say you're in the middle of a replay and would like to resume to a later part by way of the CONTINUE option, there you go. I decided not to use a Fast Forward option, because everyone else does, and also there're quite a few eyecatches to find. Thus, I opt for a Frame Forward.

Go Slogaibon!!!

This flash is nothing short of excellence!

If anything its like... If awesomeness was condensed into flash!

DYNAKYRIS responds:

XD Heh! It's nice of you to say that! Rock on, SWORD!!!

Great Job

This was really cool, especailly where you got to choose your path. Hahah the first choice was really funny and stuff. ;D Nice drawings too btw.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

They always fall for it. ;] Thanks, Monk.


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I love this flash so much Dyna.
You are one of the few people online who actually uses Sprites as a way to accentuate your already-great animation and story-telling abilities. You dont use them as a crutch like so many lesser artists.

This had better win a fecking award.


DYNAKYRIS responds:

Thanks, Zekey. Your impression, as a fellow animator, means a lot to me.

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Aug 9, 2006
12:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody