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It is Blue box Technologies sincerest regret to inform you that your order for (2) Super Unique Enchanted Swords of Enchanted Uniqueness (stock number: 24601-B) has encountered "turbulence" during transport. However, Blue Box Technologies has sent Hickory, one of our best agents, to recover your temporarily lost items.

Please rest assured that Blue Box Technologies, the leading and family-owned industrial supplier of obnoxiously devastating weapons since The Death Star, The Doomsday Machine, and Yoko Ono will aptly pick up and recover your ordered weaponry for prompt delivery completion--Or 50% of your money back-guaranteed.

Thank you for your patience,

--BBT President


***Woot! Much love for the front page NG. I'm uberly glad that the NG community appreciates the hard work that went into this animation. You guys are a constant inspiration. Thank you.
***8-10-2006 --I've lowered the music track volume. >_<
There are some major improvements both on the inside and out of the file now:

+All the sound has been remastered and additional effects to the audio is bettered timed with what's on the screen.

+Lip-snching issues have been fixed.

+Optimization of the audio has taken away approx. 1.3 MB away from the original file size.

+Over 50 symbols have been re-drawn for quality.

+Coding for subtitles has been tweeked and is now more user friendly. The zones are now better defined and the text will immediately vanish as soon as the mouse leaves the subtitle bar.

+New voice actor for Trish from a personal internet buddy of mine, BristishMyVoice (brisithmyvoice.deviantar t.com). Her similar age and natural attitude really helped me develop Trisha into a better character.

+New audio tracks by Lunacatz. The additional lines add a narrative to Pick Up from Hick's POV. Altogether, this will help set up the story for Pick Up: Act Two.

Ver. 2 will replaced the original file I had on Newgrounds but version one of Pick Up will still be available on my deviantart account at skaijo.deviantart.com .

Mucha amor,


Update: 8/20/2007



This is the kind of stuff that belongs on the front page. The smooth fluid animation, and very well managed voice acting made it a Grade +A Cartoon. I gave a 9 to the sound because I had trouble hearing some of the Blondie's lines, and some of her Subbed overs went by to fast. Non the less, this belongs on the front page.

Need more!

Lie-'K'dit! ^_^

Reminded me of tenchi muyo ┬┐spelling? Loved the music and the voices, but i would have give'n a 10 for sound if the desruction sound effects were more, ummmm, desructive? GODDAMN! I think im spelling shit wrong.... Anyway! I await the next one! Shank-you very much ^_^ *bows*

Very good!!

Hi mate,

I liked you flash and would love to see more, but please work on the sounds. I could berly here what they where saying, thank god, there where subtitles. I liked the music, but it was just to loud. Becouse after all again, it maked hearing the voices much harder.

I liked your menu, and the build up, your Style is very good to as I think :D

I laughed, when I saw the KFC food in the birds nest ;-)

So keep it up and work on the Sounds.




Good flash....could barely hear some of the words but it was good.............im guessing there is gonna be a part 2? no, yes, maybe.....you better or...ummm your sister might die?

This is great!

I Think this is one of the best original Anime's I've seen in a long time, and I love the style you used to make it. it was pretty funny as well as an Eye-opener.

I hope to see more of your work in the future!

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Aug 9, 2006
8:41 AM EDT
Comedy - Original