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Bbq-ish noir movie

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In this very deep and epic noir story,bbqbeefburgerman is ambushed by unknown demons.

Find out.
Voice acting: Frogs.

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Well, that's... unexpected.

Ahh... Brilliant. That was probably the most pointless thing I've ever watched, and I freakin' loved it. I was expecting a fairly long, semi-exciting thing, with, of course, the obvious humor given the BBQ concept, but I... seriously didn't expect that. Literally LMAO'd, and that's rare nowadays. 10'd, 5'd, faved.

It was alright

The music was quite creepy but was good too but it was from Sin City so of course it would be,nice episode regardless though it wasn't that funny.


wgere are u [as]???????? plz put this on tv!!!!!


can u eaver get Series =)

getting back to your noir roots, are you?

~The good~

Once again, I loved the animation, very BBQ-ish, and now very noir-ish. The voice acting was done very clearly, and just sounded awesome. The ending was great too, though expected after watching practically all of your flashes, I bet this was a surprise to quite a few people, and was just put at the perfect time. You also had a replay button and subititles which help loads.

~The bad~

The only problem that I could find with this near-flawless flash, was that the replay button takes you to the play button screen, which is annoying and pointless to pretty that twice, you should just set it to the begining of the flash.

Overall, this is a very close to flawless BBQ-ish flash, with great animation and absolutely phenominal voice acting. I hope this review was helpful!


Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Well,bbq-ish stuff had a better replay button. ENJOY IT!!