A Gift for Peach

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Daily 3rd Place! Thank you all so much for your support!

Many moons have passed since I last submitted something to Newgrounds, so I made this as a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday. A short movie, Mario tries to give a gift to Peach, but is quickly outdone by Luigi. Mario fights back by outdoing Luigi, and Luigi does the same. The two go into a monotonous cycle of outdoing eachother, until one cheats his way into victory.

Happy Birthday, Toni!

Why are there people reviewing the fucking movie, saying shit about it because it's a sprite movie. At this point, the movie is archived, so if someone were to actually go back and view this movie, they would have to look for it, possibly through the Mario page, I donno, but the main point is: you're actually LOOKING for the movie; it's highly unlikely to stumble across it. So if you're gonna say shit about the movie because of it being a sprite movie, answer me this: Why did you look for a sprite movie only to complain about it? The movie icon itself even shows that it's a sprite movie, so if you don't like sprite movies, why would you watch the fucking thing? Seriously, I wanna know why.

And at that, why would I give a damn! It's my way of doing animation, simple as that! And tell me, there are millions of people who submit things to Newgrounds that are filled with characters having sex/shitting(which are submitted MORE than sprite movies) by people who seem like its their first flash ever. So did you complain to the person who made 'The Ultimate Orgy' saying how that content is 'overdone at Newgrounds'? Sprites may be overdone at Newgrounds, but they're fine for people who know how to use them, and it seems to me like I'm one of those people, just as the person who made "The Ultimate Orgy" was good with his content. The Clocks are overdone at Newgrounds too, but do you complain at the veterens of ClockCrew, saying that the content is overdone?


The original sprites of this movie and the characters of this movie are copyright of their respect owners and Nintendo.


Wow. Flowers & Diamonds & Bats, oh my.

In one word-hilarious, in two-frickin' hilarious. Loved it. I actually laughed out loud. It was that good.

Yeah! Really good!

A well thought-through movie! Very unpredictible and good ending too!
Please make some more...

The Sunk

P-nut butta jelly with a... ^_^ b

Just like Mario's final gift: quick, effective, to the point. I loved it! Good use of sprites.

Only glinch on that one was the guys moved a little too fast with the gifts. I couldn't tell what they all were without a rewind. Except for that, marvelous.

evil-kefka responds:

Thanks! And their meant to go a little fast so you can barely see what they're giving, 'cause theres kinda Easter Eggs in the movie.(What they try giving Peach) Try right clicking the flash and selecting "Forward" and "Back" to go frame by frame. You can also right click and zoom in if you want a better look at the gift.


LOL. God... that was actually pretty funny, nice work Kefka. ^^.

Stupid Luigi, Thinking mario wouldn't own his ass, first he steals Daisy, then he trys to get peach too. Mario must have been pissed XD.

Very funny though, I'm actually still laughing XD.

Congrats.. you get a 5. XD


Hey, this is good, kudos to you...

If i may be so bold to add the 'tit for tat' scenes could've been dragged out anoher few more rather than just launching them into uber speed.

But its still good, good going man.

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4.21 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2006
2:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place August 10, 2006