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Clownjew Sketch Tour '06

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Yes. This is a parody of the awesome Newgrounds Sketch Tour flash organized by Luis, the mod/artist here. Please try to enjoy this. Designing menus is not my strong suit. If you dont get the jokes, then you FAIL at LIFE.

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Laaate Review

I wish people would drop me a message or something anytime they parody any of my stuff, it's always refreshing.

Anywho, i got a small chuckle out of it.. even if it is like two years late.

Funny and random.

Haha ths was great and true in many ways, the trashcan was funny, made me laugh and i thought the mod / wade was funny aswell, a very good and original style nice job.

Add some color to the actual images.

Funny idea, and some good humor.



i like the drawings, and the music, it was good, pretty short but good

All my 5 goes to you!

Any movie with Gost in it gets a 5 from me!


Man , only Piclownjew could pull off such thing ! It's funny and yet so true at the same time! A great satire here , ladies and gentlemen , if you hate this ... please get yourself a sense of humor.

To all other reviewers:

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