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Stick Arena (NG)

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www.StickArena.com - Play the full game, its STILL free. This is MULTIPLAYER - Your opponents are live, not AI.

Move: Arrow Keys, WASD
Attack: Click (Left Mouse Button), Space Bar, Numpad 0
Leaderboard: Shift, B, 1
Chat: Enter, T
Walk: V, \ (Backslash)


The player will the most kills at the end of the round wins! In the result of a tie, the winning player's deaths will be used as the tie-breaker.

Performance Tips

Utilize the suggestions below to increase framerate (FPS) and lower ping time (MS).

- Upgrade to Flash Player 8! This will result in much smoother and more enjoyable gameplay.

- Use the latest Internet Explorer to achieve maximum performance. Firefox, Netscape, proprietary ISP, or other browsers can cause performance issues.

- Close all other browser windows, applications, and non-critical background processes. Halt all downloads and fully exit any file-sharing and/or P2P programs you may be running.

- HOLD the Left Mouse Button DOWN to attack rapidly. (Clicking repeatedly will degrade game performance and result in slower attacks).



this game is really GOOD man, ima rank 5 :) (i have a real account!)

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Great Game

I've always loved this, shame it's only a demo on NG. Still, full game's amazing!

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Its to laggy,its not playable...


gay.....in a good way!


Every friggin time I try to play this game, it says that it's having a hard time connecting with the server. I tried this on every friggin computer I have come accross. And no luck. I'm giving this a 1, because to me, this is nothing if I can't play it.

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Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2006
3:57 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional