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PlumberMan 1

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Author Comments

This animation series based on SuperHero Comics by me friend 'Ben' and I. Enjoy . . .

~READ THE CHARACTERS! It will help you understand. more will be explained in #2. so the scenes may seem a bit
jumpy. But all in good time you will learn more...~

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has me

+++ Great voices.

++ Start (superman) made me chuckle.

++ I like the style of the comic intro.

+++ Amusing bios.

-- Though for static pictures, why no colour? You could have sweet bitmaps...

--- In flashback, baby's body size/shape keeps changing.

--- Loads of misspellings in character bios/subtitles. Worst is 'nefew' (should be 'nephew').

-- If we start the movie with the scene select, the music never ends.

Seems kinda like UVS with original characters. Much preferring this, with its lighthearted tone. Made me chuckle and has me vaguely interested in the characters.

Jonimator responds:

Yeah i like The Intro too, for the third though it's gonna be a bit different. I noticed the scene select quite a while ago actually but i was just lazy. |:)

This is actually based on my comics my friend and i made and came way before UVS. Anyway glad you liked it..

Need to tweak a little bit more.

Go back with spellcheck more times, had some typoes.

But I'm not lowering your score for that.

You need to check for small mistakes a lil bit more. Like some stuff in captions weren't spoken and such.

Ok step to some good flash animation. Not awesome but you'll get the skills you need by experience if you keep on trying!

Good original characters and story line.

Clever setup - like getting into scenes. Plumberman lost his face? (explanation unusual). Graphics could use some work on your superheros. Thanks for the original story.

Jonimator responds:

heh heh! Yeah i'll admit the face story's wierd. but ah what ever. Glad you liked it!

It Was Alright But Needs A Lot of Work

You've got a lot of things in there that bugged me. Do you go back and read what you type after you type stuff? Because you do realize that your character description section is full of typoes and bad grammar, right? Like instead of saying, "He is" or "He's" you used "His". Very bad. Have someone else look it over for you and check your spelling.

As far as for the movie itself the graphics were pretty okay but I have a question. What is up with that gun the robber was using? It seemed as a bullet shell or what looked like a one slowly came rising out of the barrel....? Dude, whats that? Do you know how guns work? The barrel is not where you load a weapon nor do shells ever come out of there. Go study up on them or something because I don't know what you were trying to pull.

And I'm sorry to say your humor didn't get a single laugh from me. It was kinda old humor. What annoys me is when artists comment on their own flaws in the movie or anything that's strange. "Why don't you have a face?" "Why is my voice gargily?" You know, stuff like that. Artists feel those are questions reviewers will be asking and commenting on so what the artist does is bring up these questions himself in the flash in order to play along with the audience, and it's sort of a disclaimer. But really, you just look like an idiot. Whether or not that is your reason for doing so, it still looks that way and I recommend fixing it. I think those were the only problems I saw. Fix these, find better humor overall, and you'll do way better next time.


Jonimator responds:

Yeah. next time i will check my spelling better. but Geeeeze!
the gun is from another Planet and is obviolsy a alein type Gun. Lol. And not having a face isn't a flaw, But i thought you would want to know WHY. The face has a part in the next one too!
Anyway thanx for the reveiw.


it was kindof like a mix of things from other superhero stories, however the characters are original. it was really good and i will enjoy seeing the sequel

Jonimator responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm starting the sequel now! :)

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2006
12:10 PM EDT