The Ultimate Orgy

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A parody of "The Ultimate Showdown" ... but in THIS version, the combatants make love, not war.

Contains loads of hot, x-rated sex. You have been warned. If you can watch it all the way to the end without turning gay, you get a prize.

"Best. Spoof. Ever." - Tom Fulp, 08/09/06 08:13 (NG PM system)



Now wheres my prize :O

NotSafeForWork responds:

Open wider.

I've Seen This Already

Wether or not everyone is whipping eachother with their bags it doesn't matter. This is the same toon I saw a long time ago with a re dubbed song and lots... I mean... LOTS of homosexuality.

It wasn't particularly funny... (this is the third flash today I've said this about). It wasn't really witty, it's as funny as the first season of Saved By The Bell... Or any other season of Saved By the Bell. BUT at least in Saved By The Bell they tried something bigger then a dick joke to make the screens.

As much as I hate this kinda humour and the low standards it plays to, it was wonderfully animated. Wonderfully... If only people who could draw and animate like this could find something funnier then a dick or ass to put in their cartoons.

So fucking funny!!!

Just like ultimate showdown except much funnier (and the big gay sex orgy) Awesome shit!

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Oh my god.

Even if now I'm scarred for life, this is on of the best movies I've ever seen on Newgrounds. It is the best parody I've ever seen. The most homosexual thing I've ever seen as well, but since we're on Newgrounds, I don't fucking care! Great movie, funny as hell, SOOO many cameos that weren't into the original version of the movie...

10/10 ==> This should be in a museum.

Source: FBI

so... beautifull....

i laughed so hard i cried

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Aug 8, 2006
5:16 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody