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To the Battle

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Author Comments

Take it easy = )

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The review below me couldnt have put it any better!


Great work!! Speaks the facts about the situation with Israel. No, I'm not from Israel...but I fully support Israel's actions with going to war. I hope you guys get those people. Good luck!!

The world is so hypocritical these day heh? They hate terrorists...but won't do anything about it...and if any country does try to do something about it...they start insulting the country and calling the leader a war monger. FYI...It's called self-defense and protecting your citizens...it's what good leaders do. =D

Not supporting any war in any way...

but man, do you really expect them to just sit there and be blown up ? I grew up and still hear it to this day of constant bus bombings. Is self-defense evil. I guess they never watch the news.

Good flash.
Pray for your country.

peace would be lovely tho.


I could never support a flash that supported war. well done, but evil message. Use your talents elsewhere

Overall, I don't agree with the message sent.

Overall, I don't agree with the message sent. Though I do applaud you over your work on making the sound and graphics of the video agree with each other a couple of things do raise some concern with me. Firstly the countries that you mentiond falling to the Nazis had little choice in the matter, and if you take a moment to look at history, almost all of Europe fell to the facist rule of Germany at that time. It seems to be out of place to compare the war of Isreal with the second world war, not only in the scale of the destruction, but the purpose of it and cause. If I remember right the war in Isreal was started by Hesbollah (please forgive my probable misspelling) capturing Isreali border troops and then taunting Isreal about it. World War II on the other hand was started by Hitler and his misguided belief that the Arian people were far superior to all other people in the world and that he must "cleanse" the world of these "lesser" races by conquest if need be, which is the action he opted to do. So, in conclusion, though I like your work, I dislike its messages.

Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2006
1:07 AM EDT