Arfenhouse Teh Movie 6

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They said it couldn't be done.
They said it wouldn't be done.
They said it shouldn't be done.
They doubted it would ever be done.

...But it happened. It's happened. The final episode of Arfenhouse is here to invade your internets and cause potential organ damage.

This took forever. Totally. Words cannot describe how much work went into this and how many times I destroyed everything and started over again to make it as good as it can be. Needless to say I need a vacation from flashing. I haven't got the time or will to do this anymore because now I'm a geezer who works full time. So until further notice I'm semi-retiring... so now I'm off to go play some MMORPG's. My next flash will be out sometime in 2007.

Severe thanks goes out to Matt Massey, an absolute genius who I totally couldn't have done this without.

Thanks for watching!


Newground viewers have no taste

I didnt get it. It was way to random, but I guess thats what people like to see on newgrounds today. I didnt think it was funny and I am sick to shit of these god damn video game references.

pleeeeez i beg of u

pleez make more arfen houses if not for me then do it to put punks like joe behind bars and also do it for wogie and t boz booooooooz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so pleez pull a card from the monoply game of life new arfen house

ps: joe goes to jaill

I'd die trying if I tried to find a plot in this.

It is a sad day when someone thinks this is better then South Park. What kind of drugs are you shoving up your small intestine?

Now, when I first watched Arfenhouse, I thought it was total shit. But I couldn't stop watching the others, and now here I am, and I still think it is total shit.

Of course, Crack does taste like total shit, but it's so hard to stop. But now it's over, and I have to go cold turkey with Arfenhouse.

Should I be happy or sad?

P.S Number 2 and 3 sure pissed me off good, congratulations.

A fitting end to a worldwide phenomenon!

Ever since I watched Arfenhouse Teh Movie 2, I thought nothing could surpass it as the greatest thing on Newgrounds. I am happy to say this has done so! Misteroo, your artwork is insanely brilliant (when we see it! Heh!), and the humour is spot on stupid! South Park - take note: THIS IS HOW YOU DO FUNNY!!

wow randomness

not much 2 say about this that it was random, crazy and messes with ur mind. in other words GREAT! 1 quick question is that the music for voltopt from PSO or am i going crazy?

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Aug 7, 2006
10:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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