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(2006) Sneaky Sneaky

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2 klay people are attacked by a very very sneaky man!

Hey Newgrounds, its been awhile, but i decided to finally make a new Klay World movie for you guys to watch and enjoy(and or hate)!



It's just wonderful how unpredictable this is. Most of this didn't even have anything to do with being sneaky. It just had the most random jokes. The voices were great. That guy's head looked really thin. I guess they all look like that.

It's rare I see them from that angle. I like how bad the cop is about the shoe. You'd think he'd be having fun with it. The tug of war part was funny. It seems like a lot of these jokes are improvised.

Hahaha, craziest yawn I've ever heard! XD Sneaking people, tug of war, a police officer staring at a shoe... what a random place the klay world is. Keep the creativity flowing!


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IVE BEN SPOTTED misson abort!

That suppose to be snake?

As far as I know Knox never got a 1st place. I find that rather sad since for the longest time come to this site just for him. His humor was always clean and quirky.

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2006
7:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Original