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Author Comments

Hey guys, this is my first flash. It's sort of abstract, so for those of you who want a to laugh and hate thinking, this flash isn't really for you (although the moral of this flash is posted at the end -_-). But anyways, I am glad to have finally done SOME sort of flash work. I know I need to improve on alot of things. Just wanted to get something out in the open.

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I had that problem with my pet rock, j/k
I liked the music and the concept was top notch keep up the good work!

if blam'd

If this makes it and it might, just ignore this, but this is a great flash, if you could increase your graphics, and also don't have the cloud look like crap, and the creature grow down if you re-animate this it is almost guarnteed to stay, and it is a great idea so keep making flash.

Well, I liked it.

For a first flash it was pretty good. In fact, I'm not going to blam it so hopefully it will stay on Newgrounds. Would I watch it again? No.

I don't have much advice. Your moral was thought provoking though I don't quite agree with it 100%. Envy can be used to improve oneself even without being in competition with the other person (or plant-thing). Of course, this is hard to do, but you could wish for the qualities of another person (or plant-thing) and try to imitate those qualities for your own self-improvement. But you were talking about levels of envy and jealousy that go far beyond that which are truly self-destructive, just as you have shown in your flash.

Since this is a flash filled with symbolism and what not, you might have employed the color green. Green often symbolizes jealousy as well as nature. Though I did like the symbolism that your color red provided since envy also accompanies anger.

So anyways, good first flash.


Ah, abstract--the artistic way of saying, "Yeah, I got nothing." You really shouldn't come out and tell your audience the meaning of your work. For the educated ones, it just pisses us off, and the uneducated probably aren't going to give your work a chance in the first place. DON'T DO IT!

Anyway, the music was simple, repetitive, and incredibly annoying. The images were poor and unclear. Please, take this back to the drawing boards and start all over. Maybe next time your talent will fit your artistic arrogance.

Nice but unclear symbolism.

Well, I understood what the moral was before you explained it at the end, however the colors you chose for the flash is kind of making everything unclear. For example At first I couldn't tell that the plant(?) on the left was thinking in a bubble, I thought some other plant was popping out of no where which left me quite confused for a good...4 seconds.

I like the whole dark feel, but I think it would've been better if you chose slightly brighter shades of grey/black/etc.

The music is also boring and kind of annoying to listen to. Everything could have been made a lot more interesting with the right spark of ideas, but it will probably make a couple of viewers close the window after like 10 seconds of watching it. (Or so my cousin kept ordering me.)

It just could have been more interesting. Have any questions, just PM me or something.

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2006
7:05 PM EDT