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A quiz game involving questions about Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast. If you're not a fan of the show, you probably won't be able to get through all 20 questions, but if you do, there will be a special treat waiting for you at the end.

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Answers here!

1. Tad Ghostal
2. Jumbles
4. Linda
5. 30
6. croutons
7. A Panda
8. CHIPS!!
9. Jerk
10. ketchup (how the fuck was i gonna remember that?!?!)
11. batmantis
12. Birdman
13. Joel Hodgson
14. control the minds of water fowl..
15. Space ghost's sea monkey (first show, i think)
16. Don Kennedy (is he even still alive?)
17. eaten by zorak (picture gives it away)
18. Alex toth
19. Boston
20. Dr. Kwazar's industrial ointment

4/10 i just like Space ghost: coast to coast.. altho the sound clips made it kinda fun. too bad there is no more space ghost tho C Croker will have ATHF George Lowe is pretty much out of work..

i enjoyed this

i have only seen 3 episodes of space gohst coast to coast

but I love the brak show

fun quiz great stuff man


Awesome quiz

I use to love watching Space Ghost lol it was hilarious, Moltar use to watch the Simpsons and there was one where after the break Space Ghost was playing a Sonic game lol. Wow I use to love that show, great quiz too, I remember the one where Space Ghost eats everyone lol. And the one with Brak where he's singing during the opening credit.

You deserved an overall 10 cos Space Ghost rocks!



^^Good Points^^
I'm not a fan of Space Ghost, so I couldn't really play this quiz completely, but from what I did play, it seemed to be pretty well made. I liked how you added a lot of sound effects to this quiz.

^^Needs Improving^^
I didn't really like how you went back to the preloader when you get a question wrong. My suggestion is to put the preloader on the start page instead of its own frame. It will just make things a little tidier and more efficient.

good work

It was funny and had good pictures and sound, but after a while of guessing and memorizing it got boring,

you scored: 60- B-

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1.31 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2006
10:33 AM EDT
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