Daddy No! 2

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Don't watch this if you got syphilis!

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Wow, what was that? It was just a dad showing his penis to his kid. How is that supposed to be funny? It was also too short. Well, maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing. This was just too cheap.

I know little about the NoobNation. It seems like there are too many of these organizations around. Well, it's still quite obscure. I guess the voices weren't bad. Stop with the porn ads!


This is so epic

Farts = Phunny


PM me for some fuuny audio recodings of a simular nature, not sick just retaded frowned upon humor >: P

And Mexicans..


^^Good Points^^
Ok, again the graphics weren't too bad. Some good shading drawn in these guys, and good voice overs too. I liked the evil voice over of the dad, which went with the music.

^^Needs Improving^^
Well, it's basically the same joke played over with some slightly different animations and a slightly different mood to it. Not quite as comical this time to me.

Swing and a miss, and possible casualty

Sorry, but I have no idea what was supposed to be the purpose of this.
the only thing that was seemed like it had been worked with for more then 13 seconds was the sound (not including the poophumor sound at the end).

Sorry but this is one of the worst flashes I have ever seen, try to have some form of thought not inspired by some intoxication not time to spare us this.