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mythos medly

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this is a nice little flash movie that took me two days to make. working off and on of course, but still, for a short movie, that is a long time. no decent story line, but i'm working on it. suffer. i'm tired. anyway, there are unicorns, dragons, pegasus and some other stuff. generally inspired by mythology.
the music is by draze, the song is 'let the party burn' and you can find it in the newgrounds audio portal. please tell me what you think. i know that this is far from perfect, but try to enjoy it anyway! it's random and good for short attention spans. it's still in the works, but better than nothing. anyway, this is getting kinda long, and i need sleep. hope you like it! ----pyra


now it will loop back to the load screen after it plays.

----------------edit edit!

v2 is on the way! revised and new animations.

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great vid it realy is trippy

but maybe on the next on bump up the fps a little

snoochie boochies

very nice animations, beautiful work of colors and repeated shapes n patterns, very well organized too, very trippy
good work

heather-lanham responds:

oh cool. thanks! ^_^

groove a bit more

+++ Great colours at the start. The 'flames' and bg go well.

++ Love the bitmap textures - both the organic veiny rooty things and also the circular pattern.

++++ Great tune.

--- Some brush strokes, in the spiral or for other effects, look kinda cheap.

- When we go into the hydra's mouth and all the instances of the silhouettes suddenly appear, together with blue gradient-filled curved shapes, it lacks structure. It seems like you just wanted to wow us with the quantity and didn't put much thought into how you were placing them exactly.

-- Movement is too rigid... too much like it was done on flash - the deformation etc. looking too obvious. Maybe use tweening? Maybe use more joints? Maybe some fbf?

+++ Varying colours of silhouetted shapes is an eye-catching technique.

Enjoyed it while it lasted. Had it gone on for longer I would have been able to get into the groove a bit more and enjoyed it further, I'm sure.

At least this way, it stayed interesting. Watched 5 times!

heather-lanham responds:

wow! thank you for a detailed review! v2 will be slow, since I'll change out the song, and most of the graphics, but it will include the same idea,if not more structured. it will include more mythical creatures also, like hypogriffs, basilisks, the kraken, and all sorts of things. --heather

Nice stuff.

I look forward to v2.

I don't like the music, but thats just a personal taste thing. I liked all the images. Naturally, as a Dragon/Spirit I am biased. sorry I was a bit harsh on the other thing, I do look forward to v2.
Do, please take your time and make it the best you can.
If you care to pm me ( I will forget) when v2 is out I will give them both a detailed review and let the other Dragons & Spirits know.
Best wishes,

heather-lanham responds:

v.2 will have classical or misc. music, and thanks for the reveiw,

(I'm partial to electricity myself)

I'll PM you when v.2 comes out.


the part with the dragon moving about was the high point in my opinion, the use of black for most of the outline and mythological animals reminded me alot of greek black figure/red figure art, really cool, the animations could be a little smoothe rin movement, but that really doesnt detract from the flash as a whole, good job:)


heather-lanham responds:

v.2 will have better movement, and I like the dragon too. ^_^

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3.13 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2006
2:22 AM EDT