Mario's Blocks

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Front page?! I don't know what to say... Incredible! A big thanks to the Newgrounds community for this great honor! Thank you!

Another very small update- Shotgun looks better!

EDIT: Daily Second Place! I can't thank the Newgrounds community enough! It is truly an honor to hold such an award. Be sure to watch the ENTIRE flash before casting your votes, and again, thank you all!

The wait is over! Blocks, the UberAoC original sprite/artistic style mix flash cartoon (starring “Mario” and the “FulpBots”), has finally been released. Did I say released? What I meant was UNLEASHED. (No, this isn't a "Block" movie, which is to say it is in no way affiliated with the clock crew ripoffs, the Blocks.)

Prepare yourselves for the intense, comical animation of UberAoC as you watch Mario try to harvest from what seems a typical block. What happens to Mario? WATCH AND SEE!!!

No, unfortunately this is nothing like my other Uber-awesome hit single FIRE FRY (now FIRE FRY 1.6!!!), but rather a more, shall I say, understandable animation. This is unlike any other Mario cartoon that you’ve ever seen, however, as I have not whored out to bathroom humor or displayed Mario with some sort of hereditary male baldness problem. This cartoon is composed of only the finest UberAoC randomness and fresh humor, so you KNOW you’re in for a visual and audio experience unlike any other. Acclaimed by the President of the United States* to be one of the most entertaining and delightful experiences that he’s had in ages, after watching Blocks you’ll wonder how you even thought you knew what funny was.

Blocks is an UberAoC/Ubertoons Production in association with Smudesworld.com.

This cartoon features the debut of the UberAoC original characters, the FulpBots (Scene 6). These characters have been made with features that may or may not closely resemble that of Tom and Wade Fulp. UberAoC holds no copyright on the visage of Tom or Wade Fulp (yet) and thus cannot truly call the FulpBots anything more than his sheer genius. Also, Mario is owned by a Japanese gaming company… in Japan.

* - By the President of the United States we mean the creator of this cartoon (UberAoC). This term is to be in no way affiliated with George W. Bush, the current United States President.

Vote to the Xtreme!!!


It was pretty cool

I liked the art, it was funny and entertaining!

UberAoC responds:

Good to see that you enjoyed the eye-peeling insanely well drawn artwork! The last illustration of Mario is a personal favorite. Thanks for the review!


This was the best mario parody in a loooooong time. wtf on the fulp one...but why didnt bowser ever think about booby trapping the blocks? Anyway, great job

UberAoC responds:

Pretty original, eh? You would never have expected to see the Fulps kicking the crap out of Mario, would you?

I think that would be pretty sweet to see a "Spike Trap" or "Hell" block in Super Mario World. Nintendo needs more people chillin' in their think tanks.

Thanks for watching and leaving a great review!

Haa, Haa!

Lmao that was funneh! xD Very nice job!

I always lafd when bowser would laf o_o!


Anyway, Keep up the good work

UberAoC responds:

Yeah, I personally love seeing Bowser pop up and use that kid's voice! PURE GOLD! Good reviews are what I do this for! Thanks man! *Keeping up the good work*.

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2006
12:23 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody