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the middle

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Author Comments

Allright, this is the third movie in the series so don't complain about not understanding this if you havn't seen them. they're called
"The beggining" and the "beggining of the middle"

There is also three easter eggs, well one of them is a link. I can't really think of what elese to say. Cheers


IM BACK!!!!!!!1

Hey dude you dont remember me..... but i was on a year a go and i got back on today....... i revewed your other 2 and i share the same belifes as you......... i love your use of duality in the first 2 and to me it looks like your try ing to explane what the FUCKING SHEEPS are doing to people... just becuse we dont belive in what they do they have to inquision us by hate........ this movies verry anthem-esk and i fell that you know that evil concors all.... (evil being anything with the Sheeps dont belive in)

good work and
damned be,
articuse wrath!!!!!!!

to the favorites list!!

Actually I first saw this on flashplayer and thought I would check to see if it was submitted here. Lucky me. Your style reminds me a lot of Kol-Belov for some reason. I really like these more gothic/darker experimentals. Keep up the good work!

Costa-K responds:

I'm glad you liked it, thx for the review and cheers.

Yet another epic flash by Costa!!!

this one was very very good as well, you already know how I view your other submissions on this one and the series is comming allong very very well, but this one puzzles me, I can see the begging of the flash were he drops that apple into the dead guys mouth maybe the parrell to the apple from the garden of evil? and possibly then possibly the fight between the one shadow thing that had came out of the main character last film was the devil seeing as though he got into that big fight with the main character, who might be along the lines of god? I don't know lol, still very very VERY good flash and am looking forward to the continuation of the series, I will watch it again here in a minute see if I can't decifer what it all meens but let me know one way or the other will ya? Cheers!!

Costa-K responds:

as you already know from the prior one the characters are walking the whole 40 days in the desert thing. This story is my version of the devil tempting jesus thing. Instead of the devil telling jesus to turn the stone to bread, we got the antagonist telling him to eat his companion. Your spot on with the whole apple thing.


The artistry and the style were pretty interesting and would seem unoriginal if it didn't feel like you were trying, and failing, to emulate David Firth.

Costa-K responds:

three cheers for narrowminded fanboys. David firth does weird comedies, this is a weird story, omg they both have weird elements they must be the same. Your probably the same kind of tool who compares every claymation to knox.

Yipee...more violence!

I saw the first part of this, and it was less violent...

You like violence don't you?..so do I.

Costa-K responds:

normal people like violence

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Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2006
6:58 PM EDT
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