The Ugly Duck

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What would happen if the ugly duckling never grew into a swan? A sad tale that would be.

Thanks Newgrounds for frontpage, and thanks to the honest reviewers who gave it a chance.


All I have to say.

Ok here I go, for my turn a revew that won't be read by the artist but revewers with heart that will probably pay attentionto the worst details of my revew to call it abusive but even if I would want to, I couldnt.

This movie wasn't really interesting. Good job for doing it but I know you can do things that have a plot and since I can't do better, I know your characters can be..um...a bit cuter ? I didnt get why, the guy sat on the baby wich was in the toilet and waited there to end this in a generic what-a-dull or shall I call it you-can-do-better. Dude, I know how have talents, I just saw it. I somehow agree with a guy that said: maybe you should get help. Okay, not mental help but help with Ideas...

To finish, I'd like you, artist that won,t read this review, and you, reviewers that will call it abusive, to remember: Life is not a animation, a feeling drawn by a artist is something, free violence and discrimination is another one. Where are we from ? God knows, since then, only god can tell where we're going. You have talents given, now use them.

Not enough detail to gain my respect.

Why is everybody an ugly duckling. Why are there no ugly swans, or rats? People are grey, have all had their faces broken in, or just have broken faces. There is an art to making dismal looking people (which you managed), but you need to use it more than once. Mod your art a bit so everyone is distinctively ugly, and so that the young are not inherently evil. Distinctive characters are needed. In addition the lack of varied faces ruins the message; if only evil (looking) people get abused, when you are describing humans, then people might think the abuse is not serious.

Some reaction would be good. If you hit someone in the face with a shovel, they fly back, they don't look curiously at the red spot on their face. If you punch them they scream. This was very one sided.

Don't do things suggestive of paedophilia or infanticide, such as putting a baby under your bottom. It never helps. It looks stupid, and ruins any messages you have absolutely.

The music tied in quite well with the (strange) 'if you are abused it's your fault, you are forever evil, and can never recover' theme that emerged, but a slightly more noisy track would sound nicer at times. There's lots of creepy sounding music awaiting a messenger. Good music ties you into a storyline.

Anyway, next time you make a dark and disturbing storyline, add a lot more detail. Bland horror is not frightening, and does not effectively deliver a message.

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that is F'd up!

good work, but very twisted and creepy. every person in this flash seemed very tormented.


I just dont really like this much, I find it very disturbing. And what the hell was with that ending? And what is it doing in the Salad Fingers collection?

Silly, and wrong.


Well, I wasn't exactly a fan of the lack of any plot to follow, but what did draw me in was the genuinely creepy art style and the actions of pure weirdness. That's all I have to say really...

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2006
12:16 PM EDT