The Ugly Duck

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What would happen if the ugly duckling never grew into a swan? A sad tale that would be.

Thanks Newgrounds for frontpage, and thanks to the honest reviewers who gave it a chance.


Pretty chilling

Ugly duck indeed...they're the scariest people I've ever seen drawn in Flash! I didn't quite understand the end of it...perhaps you could do a second to expand on this?

The graphics were pretty good. Although a bit rough in the beginning scene (when he's walking).

A bit short, but effective.


Baby Abuse!!!! I hated it, hated it, hated it, hated it i had to close it was so evil!!! dunno wot happened at the end and i dont wanna know!!!


What was this supposed to be? I found it a bit disturbing really (and note, thats an accomplisment on its own). Graphics were good, style was decent, sound was decent. Violence, well that was pretty gore-ish.

Anyways, try and put together a decent story next time. Not only was this quite disturbing, it also made no sense whatsoever (and it sure as hell had nothing to do with an ugly duckling/beautifull swan kind of story.)

whoa . . .

i don't know what the heck was going on, but this one weirded me out a bit. i get the point of the flash, but i'm just weirded out right now. the animation style is sweet (not the sugary kind), the storyline was good. everything flowed from one point to another, though i don't understand why the dude put the baby into a toilet and sat on top of it. this one's worth watching, but i think little kids will get much more than a weirding out.

JeremyLokken responds:

Him sitting on the toilet with the baby beneath is a parallel to a duck sitting on an egg in its nest. I guess the disturbing thing is that he chose the toilet as his nest.

Man, I thought the father was ugly,

until I saw the baby.

That being said, good flash. Camera movements and everything. Very, very well done.
Oh, sure. The toppic is sad and creepy, and the characters and scenarios are far from bright and cheery, but it's a darn-tuttin' good flash. Good thechnique and all that.

Kudos to you.

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2006
12:16 PM EDT